Myung Nam An

In my work, I like to tell stories using symbols which are universal. As you look at one of my pieces, you could tell your own story and would interpret what you see in your own individual way. Each work in the series is created to evoke different moods and emotions.

I am exploring abstract appropriated images from our culture and translating these onto the surface of my work. I feel that they address or allude to specific ideals that interest me.

By working with ceramics and using colour, it is my hope to marry the beautiful form with imagery that subtly informs or confronts the viewer to think about a larger issue Ė to ignite the thought provoking process. It is my goal to address peopleís ideals and thoughts about what is beautiful and to try and encourage the viewer to investigate and hopefully question or think about issues that are taking place all around us.

  BA Hons, Ceramic course, Camberwell college of Art
2003-05  Graduated INHA Technical College Craft Design Year 2  

 Delayed Sojourn (2011), Korean Cultural Centre, London
Edinburg Art Fair -Saffron Gallery
Windsor Art Fair
The Affordable Art Fair 2011 in Hampstead Heath                                                        
Brighton Art Fair
Untitled art fair 2011,06
The Affordable Art Fair 2011 in London and Bristol
2010  20th Anniversary exhibition celebrating - Hicks gallery
Palace Art Fair 
Brighton Art Fair
Designer Crafts at the Mall 2010
2009  The Islington Art&Design Fair 2009
British Ceramics Biennial 2009 in Stoke-on-Trent               
New Designers part 1,
International Ceramics Festival at Aberystwyth    
Camberwell college of Art Degree Show                                                                  
2008  BUFF- make or break                            
Area 10-Camberwell College of Arts presents
2004  Exhibition of Korea-Mongol Artists
2003  Exhibition of Korea-Austrian Artists
Exhibition of Korea-India Artists

2010  Designer Crafts at the Mall 2010-Polly Weiss Award for Outstanding Use of Colour
2004  First Prize Award, The 40th National  Open Competition Exhibition   
Award, Danwon Arts Competition
Award, The Modern Ceramic Arts  Award of  Korea




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