Ashley Howard

Ashley Howard (UK) and Risa Ohgi (Japan) have just begun a long-term collaborative project. Within their own practices, Howard’s strength is form whereas Ohgi’s is surface and pattern. The two wish to bring these elements together to create a new body of work that will introduce each to new areas of practice.

Clearly the cultural interchange in a project like this is key to its outcome. Howard is looking forward to taking a closer look at his own cultural heritage to discover what this might bring to the collaboration.

Howard and Ohgi will also be exchanging ideas and materials over the Internet. This would include patterns and designs that can be made into transfers.

The pieces on show here feature Howard’s forms and a tile design by Ohgi, which has been transferred as an image to the surface of the pieces before being coloured using on-glaze enamels. These pieces were made in order to create something tangible to discuss and act as launch pad for the project to develop further. Howard is currently in Japan where the pair are exploring sets of tableware.




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