Abigail Brown

My particular interest is in the lines, folds and forms of the human body and how these are continually changing.  I am fascinated by the sensuous qualities that our bodies possess, and often portray areas of the body that are not normally associated with these attributes.

I design pieces that signify the warmth and softness of flesh in a material that is by nature hard and cold, creating a piece of silverware or jewellery that is tactile, sensual and invites interaction.

In August 2011 Abigail undertook the Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve Artist in Residence Programme. The Park is situated above the Arctic Circle in Alaska.  The residency involved extended backcountry travel.  The group consisted of a Park Ranger, a Scientific Illustrator, Abigail Brown and a Volunteer.  They travelled via inflatable canoes along the Noatak River and camped alongside the river on the gravel bars and Tundra.  During this time Abigail had the opportunity to undertake observational drawings and photography in order to gather research and inspiration for new work.  The work on display is artwork made in response to her experience.




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