Susan Nemeth

My ceramics are about expressing individuality and exploring the handmade mark. I am looking for the vulnerability, the spirit and the essence of the human touch with all its imperfections.

I am interested in working from the unconscious drawing; the visual note to self. The quick pure basic sketch is suggested in clay by modelling from my drawings, redrawing and remaking.  The process captures the animate qualities of both the material and the drawn line. Anthropomorphic characteristics occur naturally.

I use porcelain for its purity, sensitivity, fragility and strength. My references are the eighteenth century porcelain vases of Meissen and Svres. These symbols of perfection carefully eliminated the mark of the maker. By transforming these vases from the impersonal to the personal I am aiming for a bare essential quality, creating almost a caricature of the original.

Born  1957 Adelaide, Australia
Lives in the UK since 1959

  Masters Degree Ceramics, Royal College of Art, London
1975-78  BA Degree, Ceramics, University of Wolverhampton

Solo Exhibitions
  Handmade Porcelain, Affinity Fine Art, Somerset, UK
2009  Inlaid Porcelain, Open Eye Gallery,   Edinburgh
2007  Susan Nemeth Ceramics, Castle Gallery, Inverness
2006  Close to Nature, Broughton Gallery, Broughton, Biggar
2005  Susan Nemeth, Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
2003  Susan Nemeth, Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London
1993  Susan Nemeth, Gallerie Tessel, Den Burg, The Netherlands

Selected Recent Group Exhibitions 
  A Spatial Surprise, Mint, London
Show RCA 2012, Royal College of Art, London
2011  Flux, Wallspace, All Hallows on the Wall, London
2010  Porcelain Another Way, Gallery of Glass and Ceramics,   Wroclaw, Poland
A Living Space Curated by Kit Kemp, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
2009  Porcelain Another Way, Muzeum w Walbrzychu, Poland
Made it, Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London
2008  From the Same Earth, The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester
2007  Porcelain Bowls from England, St. Joseph Galerie, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
2006  Exhibition, The Yard, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2005  Focus, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
2004  British Studio Ceramics and Glass, Dashwood Galleries, Calgary, Canada
Coloured Porcelain, St. Joseph Galerie, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Inaugural Exhibition, Clay, Venice, Los Angeles, USA
2003  Bowls, Carlin Gallery, Paris, France
British Designers, Gumps Department Store, San   Francisco, USA

Public Collections
Bolton Museum, Bolton
City Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent
Leicestershire County Education Committee, Leicester
Ulster Museum, Belfast
University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Wales

Recent Publications
 The Workshop Guide to Ceramics, Duncan Hooson and Anthony Quinn, pages 76, 170, 217   
2010  500 Vases, Julia Galloway, Lark books, pages 38, 386
2008  The Best of 500 Ceramics, Edited by Linda Kopp, p235
500 Plates & Chargers, Linda Arbuckle, Lark books, pages 271, 349
The Ceramics Book 2nd Edition, Edited by Emmanuel Cooper, Ceramic Review Books, page 192
2007  Colouring Clay, Jo Connell, A & C Black, pages 61, 62
2006  Ceramics With Mixed Media, Joy Bosworth, A & C Black, pages 64, 65
The Ceramics Book, Edited by Emmanuel Cooper, Ceramic Review Books, page 203
2004  Naked Clay, Jane Perryman, A & C Black,  pages 176,177
Porcelain And Bone China, Sasha Wardell, The Crowood Press, pages 49, 51, 52, 78, 79




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