Anne Claude Jeitz

Born 1958 in Luxemburg

For the greatest happiness of the art collectors, the inventive impulse and talent of Anne Claude Jeitz and Alain Calliste met. Coming from different areas and jobs, they put their experience, love of life and their dynamisme in the service of Beauty.

Rich in numerous trips and meetings, they chose glass to offer and share their sharp glance, loving and generous look on things and people. Their diversified, perfectly mastered techniques: make in filigree, spinning, organic the message, pure instants of poetry, antidotes against the violence and the stupidity which they cannot be unaware of but they stigmatize by transfiguring them: to glass lace, immateriality of the breath, the elegance, the power translating the richness and the depth of their feelings.

The work of Anne and Alain suspends the time and transcends it while around, febrility, excitement continue to be a derisory parade with the anguish of life and death.

Thanks to her, Éros erases for on instant the ravages of Thanatos.

 Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris (FR) (section interior design)
1983-87  Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst (AT) (section of industrial design)
2002-03  Stage at Sars Poterie (FR) under Antoine Leperlier, John De Witt and Les Perrins
2003-04  Stage at Frauenau (D) under Jay Musler and Jens Gusek

  Laureat for the 20 year of « banque Degroof Luxembourg
2008  Laureat for sculpture of the WTA Women Champion Ship Luxemburg

  Prague Glass Festival
2010- 11  Coburg Europäisches Museum für Modernes Glas
2010  CAA Contempary Applied Arts- Remarkable Glass
2010  Art Monaco’10
2009   Prague PF  Prague Glass Festival
BAF Brno International Brno Art Fair
2008  Bornholm Kunstmuseum European Glass Context 
Kopstal Centre culturel Glass Connection
2007  Sars Poterie Musée- Atelier- Département du Verre
Kopstal Centre culturel Glass Connection
2006  Kobé Musée de la ville de Kobé
Berck-Sur-Mer Musée- Communauté Communes Opale Sud 
Rodange Galerie Rectoverso
2005  Paris Galerie SEMA 

Kobé (Japon) Musée de la ville de Kobé
Berck-Sur-Mer (FR) Musée- Communauté Communes Opale Sud
Sars Poterie (FR) Musée- Atelier- Département du Verre
Coburg Europäisches Museum Für Modernes Glass

November 2005 Métier d’art de France
Mai 2005 Catalogue Perles d’écumes Musée Opale Sud
June 2007 Verre et création
October 2007 Verre et création
January 2008 Céramique et verre janvier
September 2008 Catalogue European Glass Context
May 2009 Catalogue Prague PF09
November 2009 Catalogue BAF Brno
April 2010 Catalogue Monaco’10
May 2010 Catalogue CAA Remarkable Glass
January 2011 Verre et Création




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