Noel Dyrenforth

I’ve never been complacent about batik. I constantly explore it for my own intuitive, creative ends; I interrogate its methods, concepts and challenges. Rules are broken, re-defined; risks are taken.

In batik, the molten wax hardens in the cloth and resists the promiscuous ebb of the dye. The interaction between definitive and organic structure is echoed in my make-up and motivation. My reoccurring themes are about the cutting forces in society that intentionally confuse and fragment, to suppress liberty. Submission and chaos can prevail unless we are vigilant

Born 1936

Central School of Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London
John Cass School of Art

Recent Exhibitions
  ‘Fascinating Batik’ Gallerie Smend, Germany
2009  ‘The Future of European Batik’ Textures Gallery, Scottsdale, U.S.A.
2007  Textile Berlin
2007  ‘Noel Dyrenforth' Dousa Gallery,Krakow, Poland
2006  ‘Retrospective’ Gallery Smend, Cologne, Germany
2005  ‘Layered Meaning’ Brant Gallery, Boston, USA
2003  ‘Surface Design Exhibition and Conference’ Denmark
2002  ‘International Batik’ S.I.B.E Museum of Modern Art, Japan
2001  ‘Taktha’ Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, Poland 2000  ‘Miniature Batiks’ Berlin State Library
Over 130 exhibitions world wide

Public Collections
V&A Museum, London
National Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
Bradford City Art Gallery, UK
Crafts Council, London
Leicester County Council Art Collections, UK
Museum of Wales
Melbourne and Melbourne University and State College, Australia
Guizhou Provincial Museum, China
County Education Collections
Private collections in the USA, UK, China, Australia and Japan..

 Batik, Modern Concepts and Techniques, Noel Dyrenforth, B.T. Batsford, UK
1989  The Technique of Batik, Noel Dyrenforth, B.T. Batsford, UK
1975  Batik with Noel Dyrenforth, John Houston, Orbis Publishing, UK





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