Graeme Hawes

“Modern design has taken over from craft the making of functional objects of daily use by employing machines to do work once done by hand. Understanding the aesthetics and social implications of this transformation forces us to see craft as well as design and fine art in a new perspective.”
Howard Risatti, 2007.

The parameters as to what constitutes as craft have enlarged, the selected pieces chosen for this focus are non utilitarian objects that firmly remain within the craft arena yet make reference to the engineering that currently produces utilitarian objects. Objects now made by machines were once produced by hand and were unarguably perceived as craft pieces.
The beautification of a material using process is an integral part of the production of craft. These pieces illustrate a new personal approach to my glass making which I practice alongside my position as Senior Lecturer at De Montfort University, Leicester.
They are contemporary decorative forms which are made up of several cases of coloured and clear glass and are finished using traditional cutting and polishing techniques, in them selves have no practical use and are to be seen as ornaments.

  Masters Degree
1993  Royal College of Art - BA (Hons) in 3D Design in ceramics & glass

‘Espai Vidre’ in the city centre of Barcelona Graeme and Michaela made an installation
‘Falling Feather’; four glass feathers suspended from ceiling eyebolts and the lowest feather resting on a plinth, selected by the New London Glass Society for “Tracks”, an exhibition of 13 glass artists in the London Underground station, Gloucester Road 

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