Zoe Arnold

I have always found insects fascinating; they lend themselves to jewellery because of their size and delicacy, and yet, there is often something disturbing about them, dark and intriguing. A fragile beauty in contrast with their great contribution. We should all of us, take time to bend and look more closely, or in times to come, we will only have the dark pleasure of seeing them in dusty collections.


Can you look out and see the world as I?
Piercing thoughts with your sharpened limbs ablaze.

Do you comprehend the endless stretch of time,
Dragging ever onwards from an icy moment,
And into darkness.

That clogging fog which fills our future hours,
And forms an open weave through which
Only hopes may pass unhindered,
Does but part upon a breeze for you,
Causing no obstruction.

For surely no dreams are yours,
No delusions stalk amid the twilight hours,
Nor creep between one moment and the next.
None to bar your way as mine is barred,
Nor blur a distant vision with fancies unfulfilled.

A small unconquered world is yours,
Where, though the paths are narrow,
All are open to a humble gaze
And meet a simple need.

While I, with many backward looks,
And desirous army ranged about,
Do stumble onwards, bitterly,
Unaware of routes unfettered,
Disdainful in my thoughts of you.

For can your world be rich as mine, or richer?
Your ways, well trodden,
All the finer for their endless repetitions?
The dance you dance, delicious in conclusion,
Or failing that, and better;

Zoe Arnold


2001-2003 BA (Hons), Jewellery Design, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. First.
1999-2000 Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design, Central Saint

Work Experience:
2004 ‘Junior Modeller’ at Leavesden Studios, Prop Manufacturing, Harry Potter Four.
2003-2007 Assistant designer/maker to Barbara Christie, Jeweller.
2000 Assistant. Kirsten Burke, Contemporary Calligraphy.
1996 Work placement at J Walter Thompson, Advertising Agency.

Goldsmiths’ Fair, Goldsmiths’ Hall, London.
INNER VOICE, Curated by Dorothy Hogg MBE.  Contemporary Applied Arts, London.
COLLECT, Saatchi Gallery, London.
Jacqueline’s choice, Hampstead, London
2008   Myths and Legends, Contemporary Applied Arts, London.
Goldsmiths’ Fair, Goldsmiths’ Hall, London
COLLECT, V&A. London
2007 London Rocks, Sotheby’s. London.
Goldsmiths’ Fair, Goldsmiths Hall. London
Rising Stars, Goldsmiths Hall. London
Jacqueline’s choice, Hampstead
2006  Design Collection, Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Scotland.
Goldsmiths’ Fair, London.
2005 English Eccentrics, The Beetroot Tree, Derbyshire.
2004 Direction 2004, the Lethaby Gallery, London.
2003 ‘New Designers’ Business Design Centre. London
‘27 Degrees’ degree exhibition, Lethaby Gallery.   London.
2001  British Arts Medal Society, FIDEM Touring Exhibition, UK and Europe.
Direction 2001, the Lethaby Gallery, London.
2000 Foundation 2000 Exhibition. Central Saint Martins, London.

Best New Merchandise, First prize, Goldsmith’s Fair.
2006 Best New Designs, second prize, Goldsmiths’ fair.
2002 Links of London, Quirky Silver Product to reflect the company’s British status, First Prize.
Scholarship Awards 2002, Queen’s Award, Highly Commended.
2001 British Arts Medal Society. Fifth prize.
1999 The young at Art Book Award. First prize.
1997-1999 Sir John Cass Arkwright Scholarship (Technology).

May/June. Crafts Magazine.
May. Coutts London Jewellery week, Goldsmiths  Designer jewellers Directory, Master and Apprentice.
Feb. House and Garden Magazine. Specialist Profile.
2008  June. Harper’s Bazaar, Names to Know.
issue 1. Jewels Fashion Watches, Creative Free  Spirits.
2007 Winter. Royal Academy Magazine.
July. Jewellery Focus magazine. Hot Trends by Janet  Fitch.
May. Country Life. Silver Stories.
May. Daily Mail, The New.
2006 Nov. The Wall Street Journal Europe. Money Matters,  Collecting.
Oct. The World of Interiors. Serious Pursuits.
Oct. Financial Times. Brightened Rocks.
Sept. The Independent. The Insider, Brooch with a  Peculiar Look.
Sept. The Sunday Telegraph. Arts.

The Earrings Book, by Yvonne Kulagowski. A & C  Black London. 2007.
Fidem Catalogue, Monnaie De Paris, 2002.
The Art of Jewellery Design, From Idea to Reality. By  Elizabeth Olver. North Light Books, 2001
The Medal, No. 39 Autumn 2001. The British Art     Medal Trust.





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