Matthew Harris


I have never been interested in perfect textiles. Its the interruption of the patterned surface which excites me. Cloth made imperfect as a result of patches, tears, darns and frayed edges held together with purely necessary stitches; these are the qualities which motivate me to make work.
The work is constructed from basic cotton twill dust sheet which I mark simply by dribbling dye across the surface. In order to create the effect I want, I fold, pleat and cut the cloth. Additional pieces of cloth are then trapped between the cuts and layers and held in place by hand stitching.

Born  1966 Bromley, Kent.

Goldsmiths College. B.A.Hons Textiles.

2001  Sept Crafts Council setting up Grant
2001  Jul Prym Award. Outstanding use of hand Stitch.

Recent Exhibitions
 Stroudwater textile Festival. Traces and Echoes.
2006  SOFA, New York. Represented by Snyderman gallery.
2005  C.A.A, London. Christmas show
2005  Ozone Gallery, Tokyo. British Craft.
2005  Axis gallery, Tokyo. Crafts Council selected show.
2004  Aoyama Gallery, Tokyo. Four British Textile Artists

  Stroudwater Textile Trust. Festival Commission
2001  Cheltenham Music Festival. Stage back drop.

Public Collections
Crafts Council





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