Katy Hackney


String of Bees
When food is discovered by scout workers, they return to the hive.
Shortly after their return, many foragers leave the hive and fly directly to the food.
The amazing thing about this is that the foragers don’t follow the scouts back.
(the scouts may remain inside the hive for hours)
So the scout bees have communicated to the foragers the necessary information for them to find the food on their own.

This ancient Chinese proverb seems to sum up the life of the worker bee, working as if they are linked together, always finding the way back to the hive & the other bees.

"An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance.
The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break."
Born 1967 Dundee, Scotland

 Royal College of Art MA in Jewellery
1985- 1989  Edinburgh College of Art BA Hons Jewellery 1st Class

Teaching Experience
2006- present  University College for the Creative Arts, Rochester, Visiting Lecturer
2005-present  London Metropolitan University (Sir John Cass), Part Time Lecturer
2004-present  Central Saint Martins, Visiting Lecturer
1996  Edinburgh College of Art, Visiting Lecturer

  ACJ Prize for jewellery (At Chelsea Craft Fair)
2001  Export to Japan Award (At Chelsea Craft Fair)
1993  Crafts Council Grant

Recent Exhibitions
2009  There’s No Place like Home Ella Doran Shop, London
New works, CAA, London
2007  ‘The Enamel Experience’, Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg, Velvet da Vinci, SF, Gallery Loupe, Montclair, NJ
‘Process Works’ Uni of Herts Gallery, touring
2006 ‘Heirlooms’ St. Botolphs Church London
‘More Than Metal’ 21st C Jewellery Ulster Museum
2005/06  100% Proof Scottish Jewellery Touring UK & USA

2006  Plaques for sites of bombings of 7 July 05
Medals for LU Staff involved in bombings of7 July 05
2000  Gate, commissioned by Canary Wharf Ltd.

Public Collections
Crafts Council
Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts
Aberdeen Museum
Alice & Louis Koch Ring Collection
Royal Museum of Scotland
Ulster Museum, National Museum of Northern Ireland





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