David Binns

Plight of the Bees
As more information becomes available regarding the plight of the bee population and the dire consequences of dwindling bee populations, I believe any opportunity to further increase awareness is crucial.
One only has to read quotes such as these by Richard Girling in the February 1st issue of the Times to understand how crucial the Bee is to our future wellbeing and very existence:
“And that is the thin end of the long-term catastrophe that now stares us in the face. You take one brick out of the ecological wall, others crumble around it. Then more crumble, on and on until the edifice collapses. Ecologists call it an extinction vortex. You lose bees, you lose plants. You lose plants, you lose more bees. Then more plants, then other insects, then the birds and animals that depend on them and on each other, all the way up the food chain. But never mind animals — if you stretch the process far enough, you’re talking about humans”.

“It is an equation of stark simplicity. No pollination: no crops. There is nothing theoretical about it.”

“If insects were to vanish, the terrestrial environment would soon collapse into chaos.”

The piece I intend making for the Bee exhibition will involve processes and an aesthetic current within my work .
Usually my work has no obvious visual (pictorial) narrative, rather it is about form, texture and colour. I therefore intend producing work that is suggestive of Bees, through pattern and colour, allowing the viewer to develop their own personal interpretation.
What I hope will be of interest, is the fact that the piece will be made from almost 100% recycled waste material, offering a broader narrative about issues of sustainability and eco-responsibility; issues that we all need to address in order to help prevent the potential environmental catastrophe of a severely diminished Bee population.
I am therefore delighted to be involved in the Contemporary Applied Arts ‘Bees Exhibition’ and hope it helps raise further awareness of the hugely important issue.

1959 Altrincham, Cheshire

 N.E.W.I. - Post Graduate Certificate in Education
1978- 82 Manchester Polytechnic  BA Hons 3D Design: Wood, Metal, Ceramics -1st Class Honours

 International Academy of Ceramics - Members Exhibition,  Riga, Latvis 
2006 Carlin Gallery,  Paris, France 
2006 Collecting Contemporary Ceramics - Ruthin Craft Centre & National Museum of Wales 
2005/ 06 ‘In Time – In Earth – In Fire’  Baltic States touring exhibition of International Ceramic Artists - Tallin, Estonia, Vilnius, Lithuania & Riga, Latvia
2004 SOFA Chicago,  USA (Represented by Ruthin Craft Centre) 
2004 Solo exhibition – ‘Fragments of Clay’, International Ceramics Studio Museum, Kesckemet, Hungary    

AHRB –  Small Research Grant
1999 Gold Medal Winner in Craft & Design,  National
Eisteddfod of Wales
1999 Arts Council of Wales Travel Bursary

Public Collections
HanhangLim Gallery,  Korea; Dokuz Eylul Universitesi, Izmir, Turkey
National Museum of Wales – Cardiff; University of Wales (Aberystwyth); International Ceramics Studio  -  Kecskemet,  Hungary; Liverpool Museum




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