Vladimir Bohm

The act of making is crucial to my way of thinking. I try to use simple techniques imaginatively in order to push my chosen medium of further and to compose visually the sense of intimacy. In the conventional sense, my work may sometimes seem unfinished. However, this stage of ‘unfinishedness’ is carefully chosen. Indeed, it is often hardest to know where to leave off. My intention is to ‘arrest’ the process of making in an actual piece. This reflects my perception of creativity as the human way of negotiating the constantly evolving world in which we live. It is not the mimetic sense of revealing the ‘perfection’ of aesthetic form or reflecting the ‘real’, which is of interest to me. Rather it is the act of abstract making as a way of begetting the world…
Deleuze once remarked that ‘thinking is not something we do; thinking happens to us’. Therefore, if there is a necessity to thinking, the event of thought lies beyond the autonomy of choice. Thinking happens. At the same time, this necessity is affirmation of chance and freedom – we are not constrained by a pre-given end… The true freedom lies in affirming the chance of events in the act of making, not our ‘mastery’ of the creative process (which is nothing more than a limited perception we have of it). Intention is important to my understanding of the creative process but not will. Willing involves manipulating and places us in an impossible position of responsibility.
It is better to lay the centre without…

2001  MA Silversmithing Jewellery and Allied Crafts, Metropolitan Univ.
1998  BA Hons English and German, Metropolitan University
1998  HND Jewellery and Silversmithing, Metropolitan University

 The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, Best New  Merchandise at Goldsmiths’ Fair 2008
2004  Best New Merchandise at Goldsmiths Fair 2004
2002  Best Domestic Product at Chelsea Crafts Fair

Recent exhibitions
  Montan Gallery, Copenhagen, Danemark
2009  Finnish Craft Museum, Jyväskylä, Finland
2008  ‘Collect’. Victoria & Albert Museum London, represented by Contemporary Applied Arts
 ‘Everyday’, Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Carmarthen, UK
‘Silver Exhibition’, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
2007  Finnish Craft Museum, Jyväskylä, Finland
Finnish Arts and Crafts Centre, Kenkävero, Finland
2006  ‘Everyday’, Flow Gallery, London, UK
‘Collect Collections’, Lesley Craze Gallery, London, UK
‘Original Collection’, Quest Gallery, Bath, UK
2005  ‘Modern Masters’, Internationale Handwerkmesse, Munich,   Germany
‘In Person / In Print’, Thomas Riley Gallery, Cleveland, US
‘World of Enamelling’, Salou, Barcelona, Spain
2004  ‘Made in Britain’, Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery, London
‘Fire-Works’, The Museum of Oxfordshire, Woodstock UK
2003 ‘GIRAEFE Exhibition’, Morez, France
 ‘On the Edge’, CC Gallery Portland, Oregon, US
2002  ‘36th International Enamel Exhibition’, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Public Collections
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
2007  Corpus Christi Collection, Bornemouth, UK
2004  Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, UK
2003  Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, London UK / Lisbon, Portugal
2002  401 Collection, Elmsfield Manor, Elmsfield, Oxfordshire, UK





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