Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones

The foundation of our work is process, it’s about crafting glass well, making fine beautiful work and expanding our experience and the function of vessel as more than a physical container. Our vessels are containers for our ideas they communicate our thoughts and interests within our technical path.
Material and process, the challenge of making hot glass, control of this material from liquid through to solid form is Stephen Gillies life’s work.
Kate Jones has moved through paint to printmaking to glass. The essence of her work is a constant throughout each medium, its about the act of stopping to look and observe details. Taking time to observe the small reveals the enormous potential, connections, patterns, symmetry, and the sacred in nature and our undeniable connection to it.
As Mario Gaciomelli said, “in nature I am reflected” Glass is the medium of reflection and light, literally and metaphorically, it is at once fragile and strong, transparent and opaque, visible and invisible and unlike any other material it is animated by light. We hope each piece evokes a sense of beauty, the viewer takes time to observe the detail of each piece, the fine craftsmanship and then beyond to wonder at the layers of meaning in our work.
Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones   2009

Kate Jones was born in Middlesex 1966.
Stephen Gillies was born in Halifax 1967.

Education - Jones
1985 – 1989
 BA Hons Fine Art Stourbridge College of Art
1993 - 1994  International Glass Centre West Midlands

Education - Gillies
1989 - 1991
 Stourbridge College of Art 3d Glass Design
Graduated Ba Hons 3d Glass Design Wolverhampton University

Selected Exhibitions
  St Joseph Gallery Netherlands
Colour Vision, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
The Contemporary Gallery, Ryedale Folk Museum   Nth Yks
Bonhams Modern & Contemporary Glass, invited    artist.
Contemporary Applied Arts London Focus
Scottish Gallery Focus Show Edinburgh
2008  Collect Contemporary Applied Arts London
British Glass Biennale Stourbridge
2007  Collect Contemporary Applied Arts London
2006  British Glass Biennale Stourbridge
Cobourg Glass Prize Germany
2005  21st Century British Glass London
2004  Blackwell House Cumbria

Public Collections
Farringdon Collection Trust Oxfordshire
Museum of Modern Glass Rodental Germany
Bolton Museum & Art Gallery
Broadfield House Glass Museum
Cowdy Collection Newent England
Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge
Ebeltoft Glass Museum Denmark
Dan Klein & Alan J Poole ( Private Collection )
Northlands Creative Glass Scotland
Cannon Hall Museum

2007  Jones Visiting Lecturer RCA
2006  Jones British Council Lecture Tour Bangalore & Delhi India
2002  Jones Masterclass Leader Contemporary Glass Society Dartington
2002  Jones British Council Lecture Tour Australia. Home Sweet Home
2001  Jones Creative Exchange. Lecture for Crafts Council London
2001  Gillies Northlands Creative Glass TA Alison Wilding
2000  Gillies Northlands Creative Glass
1999  Gillies Northlands Creative Glass 




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