Paul Stopler

My current work in glass explores the relationship between the outer surface of kiln-formed vessels and the inner profile of the core, using the vessel to experiment with the optical effects created by the diffraction of light as it passes through the glass mass. The outer shape of a convex vessel acts as a lens, magnifying the core.

I’m also interested in the movement of colour particles within cast glass and how the results are always unexpected, capturing the viscosity of the glass in its liquid state. To explore this movement coloured glass fritt (small particles of glass colour) and clear billets of glass are combined and then melted into the vessel form. The finished vessels are an embodiment of the dispersal and movement of colour through the vessels.

My recent work explores the use of one translucent colour and its influence on the vessels, as different thicknesses of glass allow for colour variations within the same vessel.

2009–  M.A. Ceramics and Glass. Royal College of    Art, London, U.K.
2005–09  B.A. (Hons) 1st. Three Dimensional Design. Glass,   U.C.A. Farnham, Surry, U.K.
2008  Pâté de verre, summer course. W.A.E.S. London, 2001 – 06.  Advanced kiln-formed glass. W.A.E.S. London, U.K.
1982–84  Fine Art, Painting. Bath Academy of Art, Corsham,   Wiltshire, U.K.
1981–82 Foundation course in art and design. Central School   of Art and Design. London. U.K.

The Business Design Centre, New Designer Of The Year, 2009 – Runner Up Award.

2010  ‘New Beginnings’, SDC Gallery,
2009  ‘New Designers’, Business Design Centre, London, 
‘Degree Show’. UCA, Farnham, Surrey, U.K.
2008  ‘From Inspiration to Realization’, Group show. 
Maltings, Farnham, U.K. 




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