Matt Duran

Silent Voyage

“There are those who pass like ships in the night, who meet for a moment, then sail out of sight with never a backward glance”   avy1188
How many ships have passed, how many nautical miles are made and
how many silent voyages are sailing today.
Also communicating the air flows and gulf streams that we are so dependant on.

Silent Voyage is a continuation of a body of work that deals with recycled glass, showing the possibilities of upcycling.
This art work is about the placement of a recognised object in an unrelated space.

  University of Sunderland ,BA Hons  3D Design, Glass & Ceramics
1990  Copenhagen Skolen, Brusskhunst Glass & Cermics Depart, Denmark

  Crafts the magazine for contemporary craft Nov/Dec 2004/05/08   Bombay Sapphire Prize( Finalist)
2004-03  Jerwood Applied Arts Prize  GLASS (Shortlisted)
2004  EU Travel Bursary , Hungary
2001  British Council Travel Bursary
2001  Anglo Hungarian Glass and Culture Projects, Cairo, Egypt
1999  British Council Travel Bursary

 Recollect at the Lotus Foundation, London.
2008  Silent Voyage, Origin Intervention, Origin, Crafts Council, Somerset House.
Glass ,Light and Space . Koukan Gallery , London .
The Art of Glass The St Ives Society of Artists, St Ives, Cornwall
Fast Glass Liquid Projects,Design Show Liverpool,Euro Capital of Culture
Bombay Sapphire Prize,Superstudio, Milan, Italy
Selective Memory M`ars gallery, Centre of Contemporary Arts, Moscow,Russia
2007  Fresh Air 2007, The Quenington Sculpture Trust. UK
2006-07  1st&2nd International Symposium on Glass, Gus-Khrustailny , Russia
2006-09  Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden , Ockley , Surrey
2006-09  Plumbline Gallery , St. Ives , Cornwall , UK .
2006  Glas in Historical Light Horn , Holland
2006-09  Oriel Ty Gorsaf  Gallery , Llanfairpwll , Wales  
2006-08  British Glass Biennale International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge UK
2005  Le verre coule de source  Pelussin , France
Climate of Change Asuna Makslas Gallery, Riga, Latvia (solo)
2005-07  Designersblock London  The Nicholls & Clarke Buildings          
2005  COLLECT  V&A ,London, UK (solo)
2005-04  Fragile Cargo Anglo Hungarian touring exhibition .
2008/05/04   Bombay Sapphire Prize Finalist (touring)
2004  Collect, Crafts Council, V&A, London,UK (group) 
2003/04  Jerwood Applied Arts Prize 2003 GLASS(touring)
2003  Transfuse,Great Eastern Hotel, London, England
2002  Connections, Espai vidre, Fundacio centre del vidre de Barcelona,Spain                                                                               
International Glass Exhibition, Museum of Applied Arts ,Moscow, Russia
Solid Air ,CraftsCouncil ,London,England
2001  Images, et Eksternest Gallery ,Brussels ,Belgium
Glass Artists from England,Galveston,Texas,USA
Tracks, New London Glass, Gloucester Rd underground station,London.          
2000  Grounds for Sculpture Gallery,Hamilton,New Jersey,USA
1999  Symbiosis ,Chateau Bourglinster ,Luxembourg (Solo)

 Recycled glass Arts(Renewal Project) St-Martin-in-the-fields, London

 Metropolitan Museum, Liverpool,UK
2008  Elagin Palace Museum, St Petersburg, Russia.
2005  Mencendorfa nams Museum Riga , Latvia.
2004&96  Rona,Lednicke Rovne Glass Collection,Slovakia
2004  Dan Klein&AlanJ.poole(Private Collection).London
2001  National Collection of Applied Arts,Ukraine
1999  Hungarian Glass Society Collection, Hungary





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