Louis Thompson

The objects I produce are often abstract and ambiguous, open to interpretation by the viewer. The tradition of the glass vessel is a continuing reference point for my ideas, exploring the function of containment and confinement and looking at the relationship between exterior and interior spaces. These works are quiet, subtle and sensitive, exploring form, shape, line, functionality and composition. Hot glass is a sensuous material, physically demanding and incredibly rewarding. Glass in a molten state is malleable, that strikes an intimate relationship with the hands and mind of the artist.

It is this unique relationship and the physical contact with this enigmatic material that I draw upon to translate my ideas.
Sigmund Freud’s Dream Catcher Apparatus C1910 (Reproduction) is about bringing fantasy to life. The piece illustrates how Freud may have scientifically extracted dreams from some of the 600 patients that consulted him during his career. Each dream is extracted from the patient, travelling through a filtration process that finally allows it to be encapsulated in a glass bottle to form a collection of specimens for further analysis.

 M.A. Ceramics and Glass Royal College of Art
1985–88  B.A. Honours Degree in Design: Glass
North Staffordshire Polytechnic

2009  Charlotte Fraser Award for Glass, Royal College of Art, London
2002  Dorothy Saxe Award nominee, Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle, USA
2001  Artist in Residence, Leerdam Glass Centre, Netherlands
1999  Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle, USA, Full Scholarship
(Czech Team Glassblowing with Petr Novotny and Borek Sipek)

Selected Exhibitions
  Out of Practice, site-specific works Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, London
Recollect, Glass Art Gallery, London
Heavenly Scent, Glass Art Gallery, London
2009  Einfall, site-specific works, Sigmund Freud Museum, London
London Glass, Leon Salet Gallery, Maastricht, Netherlands
2008  Reflection, Site-specific works, Sir John Soanes Museum, London
Art of Glass, Plumbline Gallery, St Ives
Bombay Sapphire Prize Exhibition, Milan
Glashaus III Parndon Mill, Harlow
2007  London Glassblowing, Glas Galerie Koln, Cologne,   Germany
Delamore Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Devon
2006  30 Years of London Glassblowing, National Touring   Exhibition
British Glass Biennale, Stourbridge
London Glassblowing, Candover Gallery, Hampshire
Tangents, International Glass, Glass Art Gallery,    London
2005  Glass Act, Highcliff Castle, Dorset
Four Person Show, Leon Salet Gallery, Maastricht, Netherlands
New Works, Victoria Fearn Gallery, Cardiff
2004  Metamorphosis, Zest Gallery, London
British Glass Biennale, Stourbridge
British Glass, Glass Inspiration Gallery, Burgdorf, Switzerland
Lustre, Tullie House Museum, Carlisle
2003  The Art of Glass and Embroidery, De Morgan Centre, London
Korean World Craft Biennale, Cheongju, Korea
Contemporary Glass, Crescent Arts, Scarborough
2002  “9 x 9, Glass Art Gallery, London
2001  World Exhibition of Crafts, Kanazawa, Japan
Pilchuck Live Auction, Seattle, USA

  “John Carter of Mars” film artifacts, Propshop Modelmakers
DBA Design Awards, Royal College of Art, London
2009  “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” film artifacts, Propshop Modelmakers
2008  “The Golden Compass”, film artifacts and lighting, Propshop Modelmakers
2007  Chandeliers for Borghese Luce Arte, London
2006  Headmasters Salons, retail displays, 24 sites across the London area
Young Vic Theatre, site specific glass detailing with Clem Crosby, London
2005  Program Gallery, production of glass sculpture for Clem Crosby, London
1998  Tate Gallery Restaurant, glass detailing with Definitive Design, Liverpool
Bluecoat Display Centre, exterior glass detailing with   Definitive Design, Liverpool

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“The Material World”, Crafts Magazine, December
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