Jeff Zimmer

I am fascinated by exploring areas between certainty and doubt, conveying a sense of the volume of space and impeding the flow of light.
Scene of Death and Doubt is my first “Theatre of Glass.”  In it, I explore the haunting effects of death, departure, regret and blame. 

A lone figure lies on an operating – or is it an autopsy? – table.  Leaning over him is a shadowy figure bent to gently kiss – or to suck the life from? – him.  Packed bags lie in the corner marking an arrival – or a departure.  The background is filled with a chorus of observers – or are they jurors?  Menacing crows hover close to the body and outside the window.  A clock marks the time.  A hospital ward can be glimpsed through the archway, and beyond it an open door.  The shell of the theatre is papered with posters and toy theatre scenes.  It is a dense scene full of symbols and meanings.
Through the Theatres of Glass I make explicit the creative connections between my background in theatre and my work in glass.
The images are built through multiple firings on more than 30 layers of glass.

Born 1970, Minot, ND, USA. Currently Resides in Edinburgh, UK
MDES, Architectural Glass 2005
Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, UK

2010  Arts Trust Scotland Grant Recipient
2009  Professional Development Grant Recipient, Scottish Arts Council
2006  Gulbenkian Residency, North Lands Creative Glass, Lybster
Professional Development Grant Recipient, Scottish Arts Council
Celeste Art Prize (Shortlist) (catalogue) Overseas 2004-05 Student Scholarship, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh
2003  Small Projects Program Grant, District of Columbia Commission on Arts and Humanities

2010  Vitreous North, Works of Int’l Artists, North Lands Creative Glass Timespan Museum and Arts Centre, Helmsdale, UK
2009-10  Migrate, Scottish Glass Society 30th Anniversary Exhibition at:
Inverness Museum & Art Gallery, St. Fergus Gallery (Wick), Iona Gallery (Kingussie) & Broadfield House Glass Museum (West Midlands), UK Head of Curating Committee: Dan Klein
2009  Visual Arts Scotland Exhibition City Arts Centre, Edinburgh, UK
2008  British Glass Biennale Ruskin Glass Centre, Stourbridge, UK
Absorption September 
Out of the Blue, Leith, UK
2007  Scottish Glass Society Members Exhibition, Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie, Glasgow, UK
2006  New Designers, Business Design Centre, London, UK
2006  Scottish Glass Society Members Exhibition Collins Gallery, Glasgow, UK
2005  Masters Exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, UK
2004  Anonymous,  Flashpoint Gallery, Washington, DC,   USA
2003  Propaganda of War, Gallery at Warehouse, Washington, DC, USA
2002  Art-O-Matic 2003 Former EPA Headquarters Building, Washington, DC, USA
The Low End Theory, University of Arkansas, Little   Rock, USA
2002-03  Art*o*Mat, Touring exhibition, various venues in    USA

GlasMuseet Ebeltioft, Denmark
North Lands Creative Glass, Lybster, UK

  New Glass Review 31
2009  Neues Glas/New Glass, Autumn 
New Glass Review 30
2003  Sustaining Stained Glass. Judith Schaechter, 
Glass, #92 46-53
2002  Some Success at Art-o-Matic Joanna Shaw Eagle, Washington Times, Nov. 2
2001  Warning: Contents May Be Habit-Forming N. Miller, Washington Post, Jun 14
2000  Big, Disorganized, and Beautiful Patrick Folliard,    Washington Blade, October 6 




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