Bruno Romanelli

The piece in this exhibition represents the latest evolution in my exploration of light colour and form through the medium of glass.

Glass is the perfect material to manipulate light and by using advanced finishing techniques and qualities within the glass itself my aim is to achieve a balance between the different elements that produces a harmonious, multilayered whole.

The colour is achieved through mixing different colours in the casting process to give a unique and varied result that resonates within the piece and provides a focal point for the viewer.
The vessel has slowly diminished within my latest work and serves only to capture, hold and transmit light and colour into and through the work, whilst creating balance and energy through the transmission of light.

Born  1968, Yorkshire

 M.A (RCA) Glass & Ceramics, Royal College of Art
1988-91  B.A (Hons) Glass Design Staffordshire Polytechnic

2008  Bombay Sapphire Prize for Glass, Short-listed
2007  Glass Sellers Prize, Short-listed
1996  Crafts Council Setting Up Grant
1995  ‘Glass Of ‘95’ First Prize Winner

Solo Exhibitions
Rufford Craft Centre, Nottingham
2003  Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris
1998  Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris
1996  Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris
1995  Galerie L, Hamburg, Germany

Group Exhibitions
2010 (2008-)
  TEFAF, Clare Beck @ Adrian Sassoon, Maastricht,   Netherlands
2010 (2004-)  Co[]ect, Clare Beck @ Adrian Sassoon, V&A, London
2010 (2006-)  SOFA, Clare Beck @ Adrian Sassoon, New York
2010 (2002-)  Art London, Adrian Sassoon, London
2010 (2004-)  British Glass Biennale, Wollaston, UK
2010  Take Thirty, Broadfield Glass Museum, Kingswinford,   UK
Three Centuries of Glass, Fieldings Auctioneers, UK
Ling Gallery, Beijing, China
2009 (2008-)  Design Art London, Adrian Sassoon, London
2009  Colour Vision, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
2008  Leon Salet Gallery, Maastricht, Netherlands
‘The Blue Room’, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
Pavillion Des Arts Et Du Design, Clara Scremini, Paris
‘Figures’, Glass Inspirations Gallery, Switzerland
‘Diamond’, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
2007  Adrian Sassoon, International Art & Design Fair, NYC2007Side by Side, Bovey Tracey, England
I-Spy, River house Arts Centre, Walton-On-Thames,
40 yrs of The Royal College of Art’, Dan Klein Associates at Collect
Clare Beck at Adrian Sassoon, Collect, V&A, London
2006  Cobourg Glass Prize, Cobourg, Germany
Adrian Sassoon, International Art & Design Fair, New York2006
International Festival of Glass, Dudley,
Clare Beck at Adrian Sassoon, Collect, V & A, London

2007  Murano, Tacoma. Selected Artist
2006-2008  Orange sponsored award for BAFTA’s Rising Star
2005  Shipley Art Gallery, Holding Collection
2001  Broad field House Glass Museum, Millennium Commission
1998  Tip Sheet “Triumph’ Awards For Music, Record of the Year
1995  V&A Museum, Glass Gallery Sign Letters

Victoria & Albert Museum, London
RPG Foundation, India
Dan Klein & Alan J Poole (Private Collection), London
Broad field House Glass Museum, Dudley,
Crafts Council, London
Shipley Art Gallery, UK
National Museum Of Wales, Cardiff
McManus Galleries, Dundee,
Museum of Decorative Arts, Montreal, Canada

2008  New Glass Review 28
2008  Adrian Sassoon, Contemporary British Glass
2007  Crafts, May/June
2006  Neues Glas 2/06
Adrian Sassoon, Contemporary British Glass
2005  New Glass Review
Craft Arts International 64
2003  Contemporary Collecting @ Shipley Art Gallery
2002  Studio Glass 1960-2000, Graham McClaren, Shire




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