Bella Hawkes

The focus for my work is about pursuing internal structures within blown forms.

Due to the inflation in the blown glass process, it is common that items are created of a shaped external skin; in my current pieces I look at the possibilities for internal components that can draw focus on a form’s interior volume. These components are often a fluid, flowing connection from one side of the work to the other. Through cutting into a piece I can allow access to the inside of the work and explore questions on form. My intention is to also demonstrate the movement of the light the interior elements create through the bridge-like pathway.

I have a long standing interest in Biology and draw from the structures of vertebrates and endoskeletons who also house their structure internally. This is a key source of inspiration for me and what I think of as nature’s own method of architecture. I am equally fascinated with the process of blowing molten glass and aim to use the materials transparent properties to expose the inside of sculpted forms.

Born  1985 

2009  Bachelor of Visual Arts, Honours. [Glass.]
Australia National University, College of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Art, Canberra.
2005-08  Bachelor of Art in Design and Applied Art: Glass.
First Year Studies [FYS.] completed June 2006.
Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh.
2007  Edinburgh College of Art exchange
Australia National University, School of Art,
Glass Workshop, Canberra.

  The Scottish Glass Society Award for
Best Work in 3rd Year “Work in Progress” [joint].
2008  Edinburgh College of Art, Glass Department prize for Best Work in 3rd Year “Work in Progress” exhibition.

2009  “Graduating Exhibition 2009”
Australia National University, Canberra.
2008  “Past and Present” The Gallery in Cork Street,
28 Cork Street London. W1S 3NG.
2008  “Work in Progress.”
Edinburgh College of Art 3rd Year Show.





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