Ayako Tani

I was introduced to glass in Tokyo (Japan) and moved to Sunderland (UK) in 2006. When I was studying for an MA at the University of Sunderland, I had a momentous inspiration – knitting -, which determined my later career. I remembered that my grandmother was always knitting jumpers throughout my childhood, and I started ‘knitting’ glass threads into 3D shapes. My technique is called ‘lampworking’ which used a tabletop torch to shape glass. My aspiration is to bring in new ideas to lampworking and to develop ‘linear expression’ in creative glass.

In my works for this exhibition, clear glass is used as a drawing medium. ‘Ghost’ (2009) is based on Calligraphy, an example of the creative synergy between line and context. The piece spells out ‘Ghost’ in Japanese characters. The wavering lines and shadow suggest the weightless characteristic of ghost irrespective of legibility. ‘Meastro’ (2009) shows an interesting comparison between the ‘ordinary’ ink drawing on paper and the glass lines with shadow. The original ink drawing was produced through my research travel to Murano (Italy), when I was keeping my sketchbook using a calligraphy brush. These works suggest that a glass sculpture might transcend its physical dimensionality by using its clarity and shadow.

  Becky Winship Flameworking Scholarship, Glass Art Society, USA
2009  Criteria of Beauty 2nd Prize, AQFFIN Gallery, London, UK
Overseas Research Student Award, University of Sunderland

  University of Sunderland, PhD in progress
2009  Kiyoshi Matsumura (lampworking, Japan) Workshop, Matsubokkuri Glass Studio
2007-08  University of Sunderland, MA, Glass
2007  Glass blowing summer course, Tokyo Glass Art Institute, Japan
2006-07  University of Sunderland, Certificate of Glass and Ceramics
2006  Yuri Ishida (lampworking, Japan) Workshop, Glass House
James Mongrain (blowing USA) Workshop, Aya Glass Studio
2004-06  Tokyo Glass Institiute - 
Trained in lampworking under Akiko Hozumi (Japan) and Chieko Sase (Japan)
Trained in blowing under Kenichiro Omoto (Japan) and Koichi Watanabe (Japan)
Trained in Pate-de Verre under kaori Toda     (Japan)
1999-03  International Christian University, BA

  A Journey in Glass and Ceramics, Bede’s World Museum, UK
Glass North East, The House of Commons, London
2009  Criteria of Beauty, London
Artist of the Month, National Glass Centre,    Sunderland
By Design, Orleans House Gallery, London
New Designers, Business Design Centre, London
Criteria of Beauty, AQUIFFIN Gallery, London
Tynemouth Station Installation, Tynemouth Metro   Station, Newcastle
2008  A Christmas Show, The Heard Gallery, London
Young Guns Design Competition, The Heard Gallery,   London
British Glass Biennale, Ruskin Glass Centre,    Stourbridge
University of Sunderland Postgraduate Glass and    Ceramics, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle
New Designers, Business Design Centre, London

Broadfield House Glass Museum, Stourbridge, UK




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