Anthony Scala

'My inspiration is drawn from the optical effects glass and light can induce upon one another, and in turn, how these shifting qualities can manipulate the perceived image of an object. Through them it is possible to create objects in which the laws of light, shadow, and reflection combine in ways only nature can dictate, thereby allowing us a tantalising yet transitory glimpse of refractive creations forever beyond our grasp'.

 Kent Institute of Art &Design, HND Architectural      Modelmaking.
1999–03  London Glassblowing Workshop,Glass Design    Apprenticeship.
2001-date  Freelance Artist, Designer and Maker.
Specialising in glass cold-working and assemblage techniques.

  ‘Glass Sellers Prize 2005’ Main award

  Recollect 2010 'The Glass Art Gallery & Burgh House and Hampstead Museum' (group show)
2009  Catching the Light 'Blackwell The Arts & Crafts House' Cumbria (group show)
Contemporary Glass at Bonhams ‘Bonhams auctioneers, Bond Street, London (group show, featured artist)
IN and OUT ‘New Brewery Arts’ Cirencester, Glaucestershire (group show)
2008  Glasshaus ‘Parndon Mill’ Harlow, Essex (group show)
British Glass Biennale 2008  ‘The Ruskin Glass Centre’ Stourbridge (group show)
2007  Glasshaus ‘Parndon Mill’  Harlow, Essex (group show)
2006  Peter Layton and Friends 30th Anniversary ‘The
Ruskin Glass Centre’ Stourbridge (group show)
2006  British Glass Biennale  ‘The Ruskin Glass Centre’ Stourbridge 2006 (group show)
Glasshaus ‘Parndon Mill’  Harlow, Essex (group show)
Peter Layton and Friends 30th Anniversary ‘Church Gallery’ Chagford, Devon (group show)
Tangents  ‘Glass Art gallery’ London 2006 (group show)
2005  Glass Sellers Exhibition ‘Principal  Prize Winner 2005’  London (group show)
London Glassblowing Exhibition ‘Leon Salet Gallery’ Maastricht 2005 (group show)
Glass Trail ‘A & T Gallery’ London  (group show)
2004  Lustre ‘Tullie House Museum’ Carlisle (group show)
British Glass Biennale ‘The Ruskin Glass Centre’ Stourbridge 2004 (group show)
Metamorphosis Zest Gallery  London (group show)
2003  Heavenly Scent  ‘Glass Art Gallery’ London (group show)
London Glassblowing Exhibition ‘De Morgan Centre’ London (group show)
2002  Scent bottle Exhibition Montpellier Gallery ‘Stattford-Upon-Avon’ (group show)
2001  London Glassblowing 25th Anniversary The Glass Art Gallery London (group show)

‘British Glass Biennale’ exhibition catalogue 2008
‘Peter Layton and Friends’ 30th anniversary retrospective of London Glassblowing.
‘Crafts’ magazine January/February 2006 ‘Glass Sellers Award’ featured artist.
‘The Intelligent Layman Stained & Art Glass’ by Judith Neiswander & Caroline Swash 2006
‘British Glass Biennale’ exhibition catalogue 2006
‘British Glass Biennale’ exhibition catalogue 2004




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