James & Tilla Waters

During my painting degree my primary concern was with colour. I wanted colours to appear luminous because of the way they were juxtaposed with each other. After graduating I yearned to make functional things and was drawn back to clay - having first used it during my foundation course. The world of ceramics was less disposed to colour than the world of painting and technical challenges of making precluded the seemingly superficial concerns with colour. Colour was mainly something associated with earthenware, but I was drawn to the serious, permanent qualities of stoneware. During my apprenticeship I learned about lineblends and was intrigued by the infinite number of colours which became possible and the subtle differences between them. The lineblends themselves were often beautiful.

More recently, in collaborating with James, our working practice has evolved so that James does all the throwing and I do most of the glaze development. I have become particularly interested in mixing two glazes and seeing how one colours gradually shifts to another. I aim for each end of a line blend to have very contrasting characters and for the colours in the middle to contain subtlety and surprise. The progression from one colour to the next and the relationships between colours suggest development. So, twenty years since graduating, colour has again become central to my work.

However, it is still important to James and me that our work is functional. We develop relationships with the things we use in everyday life. Thepots we use regularly never get dusty; their physicality becomes familiar and comforting in daily routines. They require no further justification or explanation.


James Waters
1998-1999 Apprenticeship with potter Rupert Spira
1991-1992 Painting in London
1987-1991 BA(Hons) in Fine Art(painting), Slade School of Art
1986- 1987 Foundation Course in Art and Design, Birmingham Polytechnic
Tilla Waters
1998-1999 Apprenticeship with potter Rupert Spira
1993-1994 P.G.C.E in Art Secondary at Goldsmiths College, London
1991-1993 Certificate in TEFL at International House, London
1986-1990 BA(Hons) in Fine Art(Painting), Bath Academy of Art

2009 Highly Commended in Welsh Artist of the Year
2006 Arts Council of Wales, funding for Origin
2005 Opportunity Wales, for IT equipment and support

Recent exhibitions
2009 Ceramic Art London
Welsh Table(group exhibition) Ruthin Craft Centre, touring to washington USA
Eye for Detail(group exhibition) Ruthin Craft Centre
2008 Ceramic Art London
Group exhibition at the Leach Pottery
The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair
Lustre and Hereford
2007 Showcased by the Crafts Council at the V&A Museum
Solo exhibition at Aberystwyth Arts Centre
2006 Origin
Made in the Middle(Craftspace Touring: Group exhibition)
Earth and Fire (Rufford)
Emerging Makers (Feile Clai)
2005 Ceramics Fair Wales
Ceramics in The City
Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair
Group exhibition at Galanthus Gallery(Herefordshire







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