Charlotte Sale

This body of work seeks to explore the many facets of glass as a creative medium. The work could be split into two categories which merge to create a third: the splash pieces which explore the limitations and practicability of the material, the lamp worked collections which explore the delicacy of the material, and finally the Celosia Cristata series which combine these two attitudes in order to explore the versatility of the medium.

The designs are underpinned by my research into the multifarious aesthetic phenomena present in nature. The splash pieces for instance were an attempt to capture the movement and energy of a water droplet as strikes a surface. This presented a challenge in terms the material properties of glass and so a technique was developed which could go some way to replicate those dynamic natural energies. 

The Curiosities Collections however required an altogether more disciplined approach involving small blown forms and lamp work detailing which seeks to capture some of the beauty of natural forms. The crystal-like quality of clear glass offers a sense of celestial radiance to the subject matter and the technique of lamp working gives a sense of delicacy and desirability.

Lamp worked forms are explored further in the Celosia Cristata Series however this time they are combined with larger blown vessels. The lamp worked artifacts appear as detachable additions to the work due to the inclusion of small but powerful magnets housed in the forms during the making process. With these pieces I wanted to explore the aspect of user interaction by giving the viewer some level of control over how the final piece looks.

Born  1983 

 Royal College of Art, MA Ceramics and Glass
2002-2005  Edinburgh Art College, BA Hons, Design and Applied Arts, Glass and Architectural Glass
2001-2002  Wimbledon School of Art, foundation course 
2009 Zweisel, Second Prize for New Designers 2009

  ‘Black and Gold’, Lancashire
2009  ‘Rising Stars’, Dartmouth
‘Libensky’, Czech Republic
‘Neon’, Yorkshire Scupture Park, Yorkshire
‘Glass and Nature’, Zweisel, Germany
‘Breakthrough Ideas in Global Glass’, Ohio,USA
‘New Designers’, Islington, London
 Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London
‘Off the Wall’, The Gallery Room, London
Student Exhibition at Ceramic Art London, Royal College of Art, London
2008  ‘Work in Progress’, Royal College of Art, London
‘Reflection’, Sir John Soane Museum
Student exhibition at Ceramic Art London, Royal College of Art, London
2007  Cup Project, Royal College of Art, London
2006  ‘Colour Verve’ The gallery, West Kilbride
‘Making Connections’ Timespan, Helmsdale
2005  ‘New Designers’, Islington, London
Degree Show, Edinburgh Art College  

  Homes and Property, 21st August 
CGS Glass Newsletter, issue 33
Observer Magazine,  Osbourne and Little interview, 12th July
Crafts Magazine, July/ August
Crafts Magazine, May/June
2008  Wallpaper website, 18th December





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