Stella Benjamin

Stella Benjamin began weaving in the late 1970s following a three year period working for and alongside the artist Breon O’Casey in Cornwall.  With the help of a book Navajo Techniques for Today’s Weaver  Benjamin began her exceptional personal artistic journey within the framework of this very specific textile tradition.  Three decades on she has explored the full expressive range of this continuous thread weaving technique  – in which the line, marks, material and construction are intimately connected.    In 1997 she was shortlisted for the Jerwood Applied Arts Prize: Textiles and recent exhibitions include Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea and Christopher Farr, London. 

‘Her strength is that she has taken a traditional technique, sought out the best yarns, dyed them herself and yet has not been, Gulliver-like, held down by the backward looking gaze such an approach often induces.  On the contrary her designs, besides being instantly recognisable as hers, achieve an undated look.  The slow process gives the weaver plenty of thinking time….…. the rugs possess a layered simplicity – a basic plan is lifted by shifting colours and unexpected insertion, visible signs of a human mind in full and continuous control’.  (1)

(1) Peter Collingwood Review in Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, 2009 




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