Richard Kindersley

Calligraphy, painted and incised lettering are all intensely concerned with drawing, it is a narrow but challenging discipline of articulating a line to express a letterform, and then for each letter to express a word and for a series of words to combine together to form a unifying pattern that entices and delights the eye beyond the meaning of the words. This is the essence of calligraphy, to add a layer of emotion to text, as opposed to typography where the central aim is to simply and efficiently communicate the meaning of the words.
The point, the moment and when the line begins to move with a natural ark of the hand, that is the moment of potential creativity. It is all too easy for that line to be driven by past knowledge of what has been seen and digested previously. True creativity springs from a moment and not the past. It is a moment that is rare but when present is known and is singularly inspiring.




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