Gordon Baldwin

The role I take is Artist as Explorer with the vessel as my basic structure (like the structure of a Haiku). Each piece begins out of a strange compulsion to take a certain action.  I suppose the compulsion comes from things heard, things seen, things read and things done by drawing and previous work.
I usually work in series constructing by the traditional method of coiling, discovering the piece as I proceed.  It is an intuitive process carried on without analytical thought.
The piece is made when the resonances are right. The Titles hint at the effect the pieces have on me and the contacts that have been made within the soup of my experience. The surfaces are dealt with weeks or months later.  A lot of staring at the piece is involved - a sort of thoughtless gaze until there is a necessity for action. Of course each new piece is informed by the experiences I have already had in the studio. Different sorts of darkness and different sorts of silence are concepts that interest me. I work from an inner compulsion to explore my identity.

Born 1932

1992  Awarded OBE
1996  Short listed for the Jerwood Ceramic Prize
2000  Honorary Doctorate, Royal College of Art, London

Solo Exhibitions
 Barrett Marsden Gallery
2005  Barrett Marsden Gallery
2001  Barrett Marsden Gallery
2000  Galerie b15, Munich
1998  Lynn Strover, Cambridge

Group Exhibitions
 COLLECT, V&A London with Barrett Marsden Gallery
2005  Garth Clark Gallery, Long Island City, 'Organic Abstraction II'
Crafts Council Shop at the Victoria and Albert Museum
SOFA Chicago with Barrett Marsden Gallery
2004  SOFA Chicago with Barrett Marsden Gallery, London
Hands Accross the Border, Ruthin Craft Centre
Galerie Sarver, Paris
2003  Barrett Marsden Gallery (with Nancy Baldwin)
"British Ceramics: Five Artists" Frank Lloyd Gallery at LA International, USA
SOFA Chicago with Barrett Marsden Gallery, London
Martin Smith and Gordon Baldwin, Goedwerk Gallery, Belgium
2002  Galerie Marianne Heller, Heidelberg, Germany with Alison Britton
Barrett Marsden Gallery at SOFA Chicago
The Golden Age of Ceramics, The Red Gallery, Southsea
Gardiner Museum, Canada
Subject (IV) - Objekt, Deutsches Porzellanmuseum Hohenberg, Germany
2001  Barrett Marsden Gallery at SOFA Chicago
Sotheby's, New York, USA
2000  Two Years of Barrett Marsden Gallery, London
Barrett Marsden Gallery at SOFA Chicago

University of Wales, Aberystwyth   
Museu de Cerámica, Barcelona
Buckinghamshire County Museum   
Museum für Moderne Keramik, Deidesheim Germany
Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge           
Shipley Museum & Art Gallery, Gateshead   
Keramion, Freschen, Germany
Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery, Glasgow   
Hannover City Museum, Germany
Abbot Hall, Kendal   
Scharpoord Arts Centre, Knokke-Heist, Belgium
Leicestershire Schools and Colleges   
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
Usher Gallery, Lincoln   
Princesshof Museum, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Contemporary Art Society, London




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