Catherine Mannheim

Crystal, moonstones, rose diamond, pearl. Transparence, translucent, silver and gold.
I have used a reserved palette for this collection, toward monochrome but not.
Lustrous pearls, commonly strung unaccompanied, are here paired with silver and gold.
Darkening moonstones combined with gold. Compositions of muted tones, close, quiet harmonies.
Half light, moonlight dawn and dusk.

Born  Johannesburg South Africa

  Hammersmith School of Art and Building    intermediate
1962-65  Central School of Art  jewellery NDD
1965-66  Werkkunstschule  Dusseldorf

Recent Exhibitions
2007  Showcase Contemporary Applied Arts (CAA)
Dazzle South Bank
2006  Goldsmiths’ Fair
Scottish Gallery in London
2005  Goldsmith’s Fair
2004  Goldsmith’s Fair
CAA Showcase
2003  Goldsmith’s Fair
2002  Chelsea Crafts Fair
Goldsmith’s Fair
2001  Goldsmith’s Fair
2000  Chelsea Crafts Fair
Ellard Heffern  St Louis
Treasuresof the 20th century. Goldsmith’s Hall
1999  Showcase  CAA
Goldsmith’s Fair
1998  Contemporary  British Jewellery   Boston
Sofa Chicago
British Gold Italian Gold Edinburgh and Italy
CAA  50 Gold pieces  50th anniversary show
Goldsmith’s Fair
1997  Chelsea Crafts Fair
Focus on Five  Roger Billcliff
1996  Chelsea Crafts Fair
Goldsmith’s Fair
Earrings   Electrum  ( Mixed show)
CAA  Summer Show 
Islington Makers   Lesley Craze
Valentine Show V & A Crafts Council  Gallery
Sofa  Miami
1995  Chelsea Crafts Fair
N Y International Gift Fair
Sofa Chicago
1994  What is Jewellery?  Crafts Council
Chelsea Crafts Fair
1993  New Ashgate Gallery with Mark Nuell
1992  10 of the Best  Stafford Art Gallery
A Difficult Tradition  1880-1990,  South Bank Centre London
1991  Electrum Gallery 20th anniversary show London
Chelsea Crafts Fair
1990  Chelsea Crafts Fair

Public Collections
V & A
Goldsmith’s Hall
Crafts Council
West Midlands jewellery collection




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