Suleyman Saba

I was first introduced to ceramics as a teenager at school by my tutor Geoffrey Whiting (a well-respected studio potter) who introduced me to the ideas of the Sung aesthetic. His guidance and personality encouraged my further studies at the Camberwell College of Arts in London (1987-91). I later undertook an apprenticeship with production potter Kevin Millward at the Gladstone Museum in Stoke-on-Trent (1993). Having gained workshop experience I established a London-based studio in 1997.

My output concentrates on small batch-production ranges of high-quality hand-thrown tableware, boxes, katakuchi (spouted bowls), vases and chargers.

The stoneware glazes of China and Japan are a constant source of inspiration, especially the iron-saturated and celadon glazes. These glazes appeal to me for their refinement and endless subtlety of colour. Although Chinese Sung-Dynasty glazes are steeped in history, they can be reinterpreted onto contemporary forms, making them timeless. The juxtaposition of two glazes on an individual piece (two-toning) reflects my interest in Japanese Lacquer (Urushi), with its striking use of colour, and incomparable surface finish.

Motivations for potting are a love of fine craftsmanship, and beauty through use. I make functional ceramics because the tactile qualities of a pot can be experienced by the user on a daily basis. All glazes are lead-free and tableware may be placed in a dishwasher.


1993 Apprenticeship with Kevin Millward at Gladstone Pottery Museum, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
1987-1991 Camberwell College of Arts: Foundation in Art & Design
BA(Hons) in 3-D Designs in Ceramics
1985 - 1987 Kings School, Canterbury: Formative influences with the potter Geoffrey Whiting

Recent exhibitions Solo exhibitions
September 2003 Primavera Gallery, Cambridge
November 2002 Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
June 2001 On Line Gallery, Southampton
September 1999 Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney, Australia
December 1995: Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham 
Other Exhibitions:
October 2009 Origin
September 2009 Ceramics in the City, Geffrye Museum, London
Feb/March 2009 Ceramic Art London 2009
May 2008 SOFA, New York
February/March 2008 Ceramic Art London 2008
January 2008 COLLECT, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
March 2007 Ceramic Art London 2007
February 2007 COLLECT, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
May 2005 'Still Centre', Joanna Bird Gallery, London
May 2005 Ceramic Art London 2005
October 2004 Chelsea Crafts Fair
February 2003 CDSAE 2003, Sotheby's, London
February 2000 CDSAE 2000, Sotheby's, London
Feb/March 1999 'Domestic Ware', Galerie Besson, London
October 1998 - 2000 Chelsea Crafts Fair, London

Public Collections
Art Gallery of South Australia(Bowmore Collection), Adelaide. Australia
The Ashmoleon Museum, Oxford, UK
York Art Gallery(Bill Ismay Collection), UK

Sept/Oct 2005, Shane Enrights review of 'Still Centre', Joanna Bird Gallery, Crafts Magazines, Issue 196 
Nov/Dec 2002: 'Suleyman Saba - Potter, Amanda Fielding finds function and sensitivity in Suleyman Saba's tablewares' Ceramic Review Magazine, issue 198




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