Nick Membery

My work is wheel thrown pottery of a traditional nature. I make a range of kitchen and tableware. It is reduction fired stoneware and glazed either blue or white. In addition I am presently producing a limited range of pots using wood ash glazes.

I am influenced by my time spent as an apprentice and by the making process itself. I am interested in usable vessels of any nature. This could be modern disposable items made from paper, plastic polystyrene, or more specific historical examples including British saltglazed pottery and 20th century enamelled tin.

Born 1968, Worcester

1987-91  Middlesex Polytechnic BA (Hons) Ceramics

2006 Culinary Ceramics, Abergavenny Museum
Ceramics in the City, Geffrye Museum, London
2005 Ceramica Cymru, Llandeilo
Art in Action, Oxfordshire
Ceramics in the City, Geffrye Museum, London




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