Ursula Guttman

Body Extension I/Leibtasche, 2005
textile, ceramics

One of manís fundamental cultural activities is collecting. Collecting
presupposes a concept of time. Collecting means thinking towards the
future with anticipation. Our body, however, offers nearly no possibilities
for this, which is why the manufacture of a container, which also enables
manís freedom of movement to be limited as little as possible, is to be
counted among the most important initial cultural accomplishments in
mankindís development. The Body Extension by Ursula Guttmann is an
art object, which is precisely situated in this fundamental body-related
cultural context. It is worn directly on the body; in colour, form and
material properties it is fully to be viewed as a kind of protuberance of the
body itself Ė akin to a wrinkle.

This object appears to be shaped almost medically, nevertheless it
corresponds to all current fashionable requirements and moreover also
harkens back to the fascinating fundamental cultural questions that
contemporary art is currently meant to address as a personal item with a
quite universal reference.

Peter Assmann

Ursula Guttmann (b. 1968 in Salzburg) is a textile and jewellery artist who lives and works mainly in Linz.




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