Helmuth Gsollpointner

Linz 09, Variables Object, 2008

Cutting represents one of the basic cultural accomplishments in man’s
development, via the material-oriented extension of his/her
corresponding physical possibilities, through physical options offered by
teeth and nails. Through the correctly positioned cut man changes his
ambient nature into cultural forms, which are oriented to himself and his
dimensions. The precisely positioned, highly masterful cut is the creative
element that Helmuth Gsöllpointner has been working on with particularly
intensity over the past few years in the development of his work. Starting
from forging’s classical possibilities, in his sculptural objects
Gsöllpointner has been engaged above all in dynamic sequences of
forms. His most recent works can be moved in different directions and
offer, depending upon the viewer’s intervention, totally different visual
approaches. The correctly placed cuts in the material make possible
exciting displaced channels and result in surprising forms, which turn
these objects of all sizes into a social event. Workmanship skills are
expanded to master the use of high technology; elements of design are
positioned in skillful association with questions of sculptural
development; and depending upon the point of view and expectations of
the viewer these objects created by Helmuth Gsöllpointner are “able” to
move quite a bit in response.

Peter Assmann

Helmuth Gsöllpointner (b. 1933 in Brunnwald/Austria) is a sculptor who lives and works in Linz.




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