Simon Hasan

Vase Family

Hand-stitched boiled leather, resin, acrylic

The use of leather bottles, blackjacks and bombards in the 16th & 17th centuries was the starting point for this on-going investigation of process, form, and craft.

The contemporary reverence for leather is rejected in favour of a more brutal approach, which sees the material boiled and stretched to achieve compelling forms and rigidity. Hand stitching is combined with industrial patent finishes, to explore how traditional techniques can be freed from the staid world of bespoke leathergoods.

Each vase is unique, as the moulds are disassembled following each production.


British designer Simon Hasan (1973) aims to imbue his work with a richness, heritage and texture borne from historical research, and a fascination for obscure crafts techniques.

Graduating from the Royal College of Art’s famed M.A. Design Products course in 2008, (where he learnt under Jurgen Bey and Ron Arad), Hasan's graduate collection immediately caught the attention of curators, gallerists, and collectors.

Hasan's on-going research into the Medieval process of Cuir Bouilli falls into two distinct but related fields of enquiry - the decorative and the structural. Both applications confound preconceived notions of leather as a luxury material.

He is a 2008/09 member of the Vauxhall Collective, a prestigious award set up by British car company Vauxhall, and was highlighted by American I.D. magazine as one of the forty top emerging designers of 2009.

M.A. Design Products, Royal College of Art, 2008

Awards & Recognition
Esquire Magazine – New Generation 2009
I.D. Magazine - The I.D. Forty: Emerging Designers 2009

Craft Work – Portobello Dock, London
21 – 26 September
Max Fraser’s The Revivalists - Contemporary Applied Arts, London
28 August – 3 October
Craft Punk – Design Miami, Milan
22 - 24 April
Janice Blackburn’s Small Show Huge Talent - Sotheby’s, London
22 - 29 March

Forget Me Not - Mint Store, London
18 - 30 September
The Show - Royal College of Art, London
21June - 5 July

New Moves - Aram Gallery, London
20 September–3 November





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