Katie Walker

The 'Winged' seat is the latest expression of a form that has been of ongoing interest in my work, that of a cantilevered structure comprising three parts - two 'wings' and a central column. The wings rising to give the piece movement whilst the column is firmly rooted to the ground.

I have striven to create a new expression of this in sheet metal, a different material to that which I normally work, by exploring the nature of origami and applying its rules to the fabrication of a version in stainless steel.

Katie Walker is a graduate of London's Royal College of Art where she developed her approach of combining fine art and sculpture with practical furniture design, the results of which have now become highly collectable. Assisted by the Crafts Council and some significant commissions from a corporate client, she established Katie Walker Furniture in 1994. Today, Katie creates pieces for domestic, corporate and public settings. The latest addition to her collection is the iconic Ribbon Rocking Chair which won the 2006 Wood Awards, the inaugural Wesley Barrell Craft Award and the 2007 Grand Designs Awards. Her work has been covered in a number of publications including the “International Design Yearbook 1998” edited by Richard Sapper, “A Celebration of Excellence” by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers, “Bespoke” by Betty Norbory and “One Tree” by Garry Olson and Peter Toaig.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of Design Nation and a member of Contemporary Applied Arts. She holds five Guild marks from the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers.

Born 1969, UK

1991 - 1993 MA in Furniture Design, Royal College of Art
1988 - 1991 BA Hons Furniture & Related product design, Ravensbourne
1987 - 1988 Foundation course in Art and Design at Kingston University

2007 Grand Designs Awards: Best Furniture award Product of the Year award
2006 Wood Awards: Furniture award, Innovation award
Wesley-Barrell Craft Award
1998/ 1999/ 2003/ 2005/ 2006 Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers, Guild Mark

Recent exhibitions
2007 ‘Hue Line & Form’, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
2006 Origin, London
Collect, V&A, London
2004 ‘New Member Focus’, Contemporary Applied Arts
2002 Chelsea Crafts Fair, London
2001/2005 A Celebration of Craftsmanship, Cheltenham
2001-2002 ‘onetree’: The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh; Tenants Hall, Tatton Park, Cheshire; Bristol City Art Gallery; the Geffrye Museum, London
1998 'Katie Walker Furniture' Hove Museum & Art Gallery

2004 Reception desk, retail display; Farnham Crafts Study Centre
2000, 2002 Public seating, Allied London Properties Ltd. The Swan shopping Centre, Leatherhead and St. Christopher’s Place, St. Albans
2002 Seating; Hove Museum & Art Gallery
2002 Altar, lectern, candlesticks; St. Nicholas’ church, Arundel

Public Collections
South East Arts & Crafts collection, Hove Museum & Art Gallery




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