Adam Rowe

Victorian Grandfather Chair
The first in a series of work challenging the miss conceptions of material asthetics and the value placed on materials. Combining traditional craftmanship and high quality leather with a modern cheap sustainable material, this OSB is made using sustainable wood sources in the uk and approved by the FSC. Creating a modern adaptation to the original clssic without losing any of the detail and craftsmanship.


Graduated from UCA Rochester, with a 1st in furniture and related products in 2008

Established titimadam, a jewellery and interior accessories company in may 2008 before graduating with tiina hakala.

My first and foremost principle in my work is to fully develop what a material can do and how it can be used.

I strongly believe in sustainable design and using sustainable or recycled material but I do not use that as an excuse to make bad or less practical products. During my degree I investigated into green design and from my findings that I adopt into all of my work I found that the most simple, functional and well made designs become the most ecologically friendly, not work that may use ecologically friendly materials but is either less functional or does not survive the test of time.

My work displays moderate simplicity with a very strong sense of functionalism, at the same time everything has a interesting twist to the design that sets it apart. I feel that intelligent work does not need to jump out at the viewer itís the clever details that keep the viewer interested.

Exhibitions & Publications
April 2009 The Independent Design Guide
February 2009 AD Architecture Magazine
icon magazine
on office magazine
January 2009 icon magazine
on office magazine
December 2008 AD Architecture magazine
October 2008 idfx magazine 
Metropolis Magazine
September 2008 Exhibited in tent london on the greenhause stand as part of london design week.
Exhibited at eco ages showroom in london as part of london design week.
idfx magazine
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