Matthew Brady

My work is heavily influenced by industrial machines and mechanical devices. I have developed the machine aesthetic working with designs used in 60s and 70s industrial productions.

By combining specific elements I create simplified mechanical devices. These designs often incorporate buttons, which can be pressed or spun around, suggesting the need for human interaction, but leaving little explanation of their true function.

I present my work as quasi-commercial ventures, producing packaging for each of my exhibits and displaying them as commercial products. The viewer is forced to question the function of the work, whether as a piece of jewellery, or a device with a purpose beyond the aesthetic.

My intention is to express hidden beauty within hard-edged industrial designs. By reducing the full-scale mechanical device to a small section, this concealed beauty is exposed through the functionless object.

2002-07 BA (Hons) in Design & Applied art, Edinburgh College of Art

2007-08 Artist in Residence, Edinburgh College of Art

2007 New Designers, Business Design Centre, London
2006 Goldsmiths Hall, London
2005 This is What We Represent?, One Zero Gallery, Edinburgh
Reify, One Zero gallery, Edinburgh
Gang Show, Embassy gallery, Edinburgh
2004  Best in Show, Embassy gallery, Edinburgh





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