Lorna Rebecca Miller

I continue to explore ideas around the female form, idealised beauty and the lace imprints underwear often makes on a woman’s skin. In addition to this, 1950’s underwear advertisements and items associated with needlework and dressmaking have extended my sources of inspiration. Black lace, the golden hue of dressmaking patterns, vintage cream paper of dated beauty adverts and sewing instructions are combined to create two-dimensional and relief pieces of textile art.

In ‘Black Lace 1 & 2’, I wanted to create lace-like qualities and allow actual fragments to become an integral part of the stitched surface. Our bodies are always on display but not always wanting or needing to be touched; like mannequins in shop windows, hence the uniformity of these forms. Women are often sensitive about their bodies, labels such as: ‘Handle with Care’, ‘Delicate’, ‘and Fragile’ spring to mind and more usually associated with objects, such as valued museum artefacts. ‘Black Lace 1 & 2’ are skins, half-shells, outer coverings, the use of vintage lace, tape measures and paper suggests age, although their form youth.
In ‘Dummy 1, 2 & 3’, I have continued to explore stitch as a means to draw, the colour palette and decorative pattern has been inspired by both lace and the ornate embellishment on my old Singer sewing machine dated 1934. Intrigued by the act of measuring, tape measures have appeared in much of my previous work, the tailor’s dummy is a symbol of the fashion industry & represents the transition of making stages, from toile to final piece. This symbol is repeated throughout my work, which reflects the standardised sizing in the mass market of the industry. 

Born  1972 Brighton. 

1996–97 Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Canterbury Christ Church College.
1992–95 B.A. (Hons) Craft & Combined Studies. Crewe & Alsager Faculty, Manchester Metropolitan University.
1991-92 National Diploma in General Art & Design. Northbrook College of Design & Technology, Sussex.

2009 Group Exhibition: ‘Addicted to Stitch’ Barton Peveril College Forest Arts Centre, New Milton, Hampshire.
2008 Joint Exhibition: ‘Joining Threads’ Greenstede Gallery, ChequerMead Community Arts Centre East Grinstead, West Sussex.
2005 Crafts Council Listing: Photostore Selected Maker
2005 Group Exhibition: ‘Abstracted Garments’ Contemporary Applied Arts. London
2003 Solo Exhibition: ‘Does She Measure Up?’ Harbour Lights Picturehouse Gallery, Ocean Village, Southampton




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