Neil Bottle

Neil Bottle has a psychological need to be creative – in the twenty years since he won the Painter Stainers Award for Printed Textiles, he has worked ceaselessly to develop and refine his technique. Bottle is, at heart, an alchemist, experimenting and mixing paint, print and dyes transforming the two
dimensional into a world of pattern, texture and colour. This is no illusion created with smoke and mirrors – Bottle’s constant quest for perfection
demands both discipline and a rigorous knowledge of his materials. In many ways these exuberant textiles reflect both the artist’s personality and his practice – an eclectic mix of architectural and geometric influences combined with signs and symbols underpinned by textual homage to the passing of time. This mix is perhaps a reflection of Bottle’s decision to site his design studio on the East Kent Coast – an area where the tensions created between elemental
landscape and urban regeneration combine to create a harmonious whole
personified by his unique and limited edition textiles. Since 2007 Bottle has embraced abstraction, his work reflecting a departure in both content and technique from his earlier, more figurative designs. This relentless pursuit of the creative possibilities still to be discovered by a combination of the artisan with high tech applications is risk taking at its most exciting. Bottle delights in pushing the boundaries – this is a cause for both celebration and
breathless anticipation for the future.

Sue Prichard Feb 2009, Curator of fashion and textiles at The Victoria &
Albert Museum London.




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