Carina Ciscato

Carina’s spontaneous and fluid pots are the result of thoughtful deliberation. They are carefully conceived, the subtle and delicate marks gently applied, the pots distorted and altered. This gives the feel that their loose and rhythmic forms appear spontaneously on the wheel, but far from it - each pot is totally unique with its own personality which can’t be reproduced, however it does belong to a family of pots that share similar characteristics.

The pots, she says, should be able to speak for themselves. The quiet and muted tones of white and celadon are chosen to emphasize the fluidity of the forms.

The material Carina uses – porcelain, is also critical to her work, as the delicate, fraying and torn edges are exploring the limits of the material when thrown. Marks made by the making process are intentionally left to emphasize the pots tactile qualities, and honesty. There are no secrets with her work, but mystery in plenty.

Carina wants to create objects that can stand alone, that don’t need to be used but ask to be, and want to be touched and handled. “They are perfectly imperfect”

2000-2003 Assistant Julian Stair, UK
1993-1999 Apprentice Lucia Ramenzoni, Brazil
1992-1993 Apprentice Marietta Kremer, Germany
BA Industrial Design, FAAP, Brazil

2008 CAL, Royal College of Art, London
Collect at V&A, Joanna Bird, London
2007 Speaking Volumes, Joanna Bird at Browse & Darby, London
SOFA New York, Joanna Bird, USA
Smartgallery, Sussex
CAL, Royal College of Art, London
Collect at V&A, Joanna Bird, London
2006 Mix Winter Collection, The New Ashgate Gallery
2006 SOFA Chicago, Joanna Bird, USA
Four Women Celebrate the Environment, Broughton Gallery,
Pure Porcelain, Joanna Bird, London
CAL, Royal College of Art, London
Collect, Corman Arts, London
2005 Texture, Stephanie Hopper Gallery, London
Under Construction, Gallerytop, Derbyshire
CAL, Royal College of Art, London
The Salt Gallery, Cornwall
Functional Form Now, Galerie Besson, London
Focus, CAA, London
Collect, Craft Council, London
2004 SOFA Craft Council, Chicago
Chelsea Craft Fair
Clay, Los Angeles
The Spirit of the Maker, Joanna Bird, London
100 Tea Bowls, Oakwood Gallery
Contemporary Ceramics, Blackwell, Cumbria
2003 Carlin Gallery, Paris
Solo Show, Egg
Chelsea Craft Fair
Yorkshire Sculpture Park, showcase
Craft Council Shop, V&A Museum
Wessex Fine Art, Dorset
Alfresco” Derek Topp
The Bessemer, Sheffield
2002 Chelsea Crafts Fair
Carlin Gallery, Paris
Dundee Contemporary Arts
2001 Centrum Goedwerk, Belgium
Chelsea Crafts Fair

Public Collections
2007 V&A, Victoria and Albert Museum, Contemporary Ceramics





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