Sun Kim

My work is focused on functional wares and I use the throwing wheel as my major tool to produce them.
I enjoy the quality of the clay, which is genuine and shows the spirit of the maker. And the making process itself stimulates my creative thinking and also arouses my curiosity to investigate and explore my own sense of beauty. My aim is to find a balance among all these elements: volume, shape, proportion, form and be able to give its own sense of presence and stability. And the lines on them play emphasizing the sense of volume (generosity) and creating notion of proportion in them.
My intentions are clear that I want to make pots to be used ether for an ordinary or for some special occasions. What I am interested about is the human communication and relationship that it generates due to the accessibility and the intimate quality that the pots hold.

2003 BFA Ceramics, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, USA  
1999 BFA, Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2003-2004 Winter Residency, Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, ME, USA

2007 Ceramic Art London, London, UK
Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool, UK
The Clay Art Center, New York, USA
Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
2006 Winter Exhibition, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham,
2006 Origin, London, UK
2005 Chelsea Craft Fair, London, UK
Blackwell, Cumbria, UK
2004 Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, USA
2004 The Clay Art Center, The Watershed Winter Residents  Exhibition, Portchester, NY, USA
2003 Senior Exhibition, School of Art and Design at Alfred University, NY, USA

2007 Ceramic Review Magazine (issue 224 March/April)




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