Brian Blanthorn


Inspiration comes from the myriad of patterns found in nature, such as striated and weathered rock formations and the beautiful colours and patterns of tropical marine fish. To produce each piece of glass involves a lengthy, time consuming, process, which has taken many years to develop and perfect. From the initial inspiration the complex process involves cutting, assembling, fusing, grinding and/or slumping, and polishing.
Each piece of work is envisaged as a 'finished article' and the processes required to produce it are carefully mapped out by working back from the vision of the 'finished article.' Often previous firings are repeated and changed to suit a new idea. The temperature in the kiln can be varied to produce very different or more subtle changes in effect and these are carefully recorded and catalogued for future reference - these detailed notes extend as far back as 1976 and provide an invaluable database for work.

Born Brian 1957 Jenny 1955

1980-1983 Royal College of Art, M.A. Glass & Ceramics
1976-1979 Stourbridge College of Art B.A. Glass & Ceramics
1978-1981 Stoke on Trent B.A. 3D Hon's Design Flat Glass

1985 Coburg Second Glass Prize, Commendation
1983 Mathiledehoe Prize, Rosenthal, Germany Prize Corning Glass
1982 Royal College of Art minor travelling award to Outer Hebrides
 Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London

Recent Exhibitions
2007 London Art Fair 2006 - Adrian Sassoon with Clare Beck, Business Design Centre
2006 The International Art & Design Fair, Adrian Sassoons / Clare Beck, New York
British Glass Biennale 2006, Stourbridge, England (catalogue)
International Ceramics Fair & Seminar, Park Lane Hotel, London
London Art Fair 2006 - Adrian Sassoon with Clare Beck, Business Design Centre
2005 Cowdy Gallery Winter Collection, Newent
The International Ceramics Fair & Seminar - Adrian Sassoon Stand, London
London Art Fair 2005 - Adrian Sassoon Stand, Business Design Centre

2000 16 Enamel painted glass panels with glass appliqué designed from images supplied by the children Dover Park Primary School, Isle of Wight
1999 Chandelier for private French client
1993 Glass table top for private client in collaboration with John Makepeace
Seven glass panels for Coca-Cola's UK Headquarters, Hammersmith, London

Public Collections
2003 Pebble, Nature in Art Museum & Art Gallery - Gloucester UK purchased by National Art Collection Fund, V &A and Nature in Art
2001 LAminated Pebble Form, Cowdy Gallery, Newent




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