Robert Dawson

The 36 china dinner plates with the Willow Pattern cast across them are titled ‘Verticality’ because they are would-be functional objects that have abandoned the horizontality of their provenance and are now ostentatiously on the wall aspiring to be a work of art.
The china dinner plates called ‘Stamps’ have applied to them a much-magnified image of an ink stamp mark made from a small Willow Pattern rubber stamp.  The Willow Pattern, which is an English 18th century design inspired by Chinese porcelain decoration, has been copied and adapted countless times.  This particular rubber stamp is another reworking (on a small scale) of the Willow Pattern.  The 'Stamps' china plates are decorated with a new adaptation of the mark made by the rubber stamp.  The maker of these 'Stamps' china plates is therefore not the original author of this work but is presenting yet another reading in a long line of readings of the Willow Pattern - there is a long history of plagiarism, borrowings and adaptations of this design - and here there is both a playing with, and a drawing of attention to, that history.

1997-1999 MA Ceramics & Glass, Royal College of Art
1990-1993 BA Art and Design, Camberwell College of Arts

Selected awards
2006 The Elle Deco International Design Award, Winner of the Tableware Category
2005 Industry and Genius Awards, The Birmingham Design Initiative, Winner for Ceramics and Glass

Selected solo exhibitions
2008 ‘Ornament and Crime’, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
2005 ‘Robert Dawson. Aestheic Sabotage.’, Clay Gallery, Venice, California
2003 ‘Robert Dawson’, Window Gallery, London

Selected group exhibitions
2008 ‘Object Factory: the Art of Industrial Ceramics’, The Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Canada
2007 ‘Form and Tradition – Contemporary Ceramics’, Hastings Museum and Art Gallery
‘Func Art’, Drud & Křppe Gallery, Copenhagen Denmark
2006 ‘European Ceramic Context 2006’, Hjort Museum of Ceramics, Bornholm, Denmark
2005 ‘A Great Mania: the Influence of Delftware’, Sun Valley Centre for Arts, Delaware
 ‘Something Borrowed’, Contemporary Applied Arts
 ‘Flower Power’, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

Selected commissions
Nottingham City Council
Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent.
The Art House, Wakefiel
The Harris Museum and Gallery, Preston

Selected collections
The Victoria and Albert Museum
National Museums Liverpool
The British Council





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