Colin Saunders

Id like my pieces to remind people of all the curves weve grown up with-all the shop door handles weve held, all the wash basins weve looked down into, and all those anodised aluminium jugs weve had in front of us on school dinner tables. Yet to aim for nostalgia in a Peter Blake fashion would be wrong as I dont possess that type of wit. I can only make forms which look right and interest me in a purely formal way. I enjoy modelling in clay and being able to record and reproduce my efforts through the technique of mould making. Despite designing specifically for the technique, I find that scarcely a pot emerges from my moulds that doesnt have to be altered in some way. For a long time I considered this a failing on my part, but now accept it. In contrast to the mould-made ceramics the thrown and turned work encourages varied pot section and a corresponding different scale of weight. If people see in this work echoes of English 18th century cream-ware I take it as a great compliment.

Born 1938 Northampton

1960-1961 N. Staffs College of Technology
1958-1961 Central School of Art

Professional experience
1980 Set up studio inSuffolk
1966-1980 Taught at Morley College, London Institute and Camberwell School of Art
1961-1966 Taught at Stoke on Trent Colelge of Art

British Council
Crafts Council





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