Sarah Pank

my deep love of wildness
the nature of individuality
awareness and utilization of universal elements

intertwining an intimate daily contact with landscape
my link with heart
               of tribal ancestral roots

inspiring me.

…in response…

  The rhythm of weaving with plant material,
Allowing me to work with what I value.
  learning from changes in echo within and between each season.

beauty gives and can be received…
sound and light reflects.

Discipline has sourced me back to freedom…beyond pain.

I have chosen to expose this “once hidden” background.

making arises from this internal process.

my work is to live, with integrity.

Born South East London, 1959

I have early memories of lining up a tiny tea set, and as I knelt at the window sill, being conscious of absorption with the precise placement I made, in an attempt to bring a sense of space and proportion within myself.

Another of watching rain drops collect and begin to run in rivulets down the pane, I became aware of an acute sense that a mystery

existed beyond me which captivated my mind and body and that I did not understand or control.

I have never forgotten.

…Pre-birth memories of terror.
I used to watch…as children do…
Aligning myself…to support my mother…to help…

January 1979. Deep snow. Alone.
…emerging above the forest to a panorama of lakes.
Void of skill to absorb…to accept…I turned away from the beauty of light…water…space.

1989. I began working with the storage and movement of energy in a conscious self development process. This allowed me to progress into the non physical, areas of awakening I had begun with the physical practice of yoga.

Galloway. 1994, with Lizzie, I made my first basket.

8th July 2008.
Combe. Rain. Listening to sound as I weave. I sit on the wooden floor. I can hear the beech tree in my yard.
Drawing strength from feeling myself in this space…where a floor loom once stood…a weaver wove cloth…





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