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Zoe Arnold Poems

Beneath the above.

Crisp light lands softly on the windowpane,
Following in glistening shards the dewy webs.

While above,
The tiles play out the questions from the rain,
Which does not cease, but subtly ebbs.

Upon the tops of tables a pattern is displayed,
An array of drops, so slight in size,
Pocking marks in the silky dust.

And in the drawers the memories hum,
A contented sound of days long past.
But in all that soft embrace;
A certain lust.

A yearning ache for the storm to fall,
And wash away that ancient face,
Beneath which we all must hide.

Clear out the ageless moments from our pasts,
and in that ending, we may walk outside,

And then look up.

Broken Windmills

The secret charms of one may go unnoticed
And though I shine with clear intent
Yet mine enemies abound,
With smiling faces,
Turned sour.
And what once was soft and good
Is changed to bitter rage.

Mine now is the avenging heart,
The potent arm.

And though I fall to every blade,
Be sure of my return,
For all folly is mine,
And all glory.

Zoe Arnold’s work not only crosses the boundaries between Art and Craft, it links them together. In her latest collection, ‘Broken Windmills’ she continues working from her own reflective poetry, interweaving a tapestry of delicate yet provoking stories into intriguing objects and wearable art.
After graduating from Central saint Martins with a First Class Hons Degree she has gone on to produce an ever changing, yet always captivating stream of work, drawing on a wide range of sources to inform her poems. Showing at Collect are pieces inspired by the tale of ‘Don Quixote’, and journeys both literally and figuratively.
Also a continuation of the collection ‘The Destiny of Flies’ which stems from a book of poetry she created in 2006 which, like her most recent works, includes pieces which are meant as much to be viewed and displayed off the body, as on it.

There to stand and judge another’s dreams,
While they are judging yours.
Could but one survive that soundless cause?
Or would the very last fall, mouth agape,
And all windmill arms,
into the churning waves below.

(Extract from ‘Sentinels’ a poem by Zoe Arnold from her collection of poetry; Broken Windmills.)

Born  1981

2001-2003.  BA (Hons), Jewellery Design, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. First.
1999-2000. Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design, Central Saint Martins.

Work Experience:
2004 ‘Junior Modeller’ at Leavesden Studios, Prop Manufacturing, Harry Potter Four.
2003-2007 Assistant designer/maker to Barbara Christie, Jeweller.
2000 Assistant. Kirsten Burke, Contemporary Calligraphy.
1996 Work placement at J Walter Thompson, Advertising Agency.

2008 Collect. Victoria & Albert Museum London. Represented by Contemporary Applied Arts.
2007 London Rocks, Sotheby’s. London.
2007 Goldsmiths’ Fair, Goldsmiths Hall. London
2007 Rising Stars, Goldsmiths Hall. London
2007 Jacqueline’s choice, Hampstead
2006 Design Collection, Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Scotland.
2006 Goldsmiths’ Fair, London.
2005 English Eccentrics, The Beetroot Tree, Derbyshire.
2004 Direction 2004, the Lethaby Gallery, London.
2003 ‘New Designers’ Business Design Centre. London
2003 ‘27 Degrees’ degree exhibition, Lethaby Gallery.   London.
2001 British Arts Medal Society, FIDEM Touring Exhibition, UK and Europe.

Recent awards:
2006 Best New Designs, second prize, Goldsmiths’ fair.
2002 Links of London, Quirky Silver Product to reflect the company’s British status, First Prize.
2002 Scholarship Awards 2002, Queen’s Award, Highly Commended.




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