Sam Herman

Glass is the only medium that has a motion of its own. Consequently it is just as important to know when to arrest that motion as to initiate it. It is literally a dance between the material and the artist. It is a dance of instantaneous decisions, miniscule miscalculations make the difference between a mediocre piece of work and a good piece.

I have two approaches to making glass. The first is very much premeditated: preliminary drawings and watercolours are used to develop previously conceived ideas and shapes. Eventually these are translated into the glass as closely as the dictates of the material permit. Many of the original ideas for these pieces are culled from nature, from animals, plants and mineral structures. This frequently involves detailed research and entails some technical exploration, utilizing past and present experiments in the medium. Working in this manner necessitates working very directly towards a clear objective. As I work on a specific piece, other ideas arise to be stored for future use in other creations.

The second approach is to start with no pre-conceived intentions. Once the initial choice of glass is made, instinct and experience leads one onward. As the form alters, it is necessary to be alert to this so that the piece may be developed through the plastic changes that occur during creation. In effect it is to be hoped that the glass itself will initiate its own final form.

I have enjoyed both these dances enormously since I started working in glass so many years ago.

1962-1963 Studied Art at the University of Wisconsin. MA Degree

1965 Received a Fulbright Scholarship to study at the Edinburgh College of Art
1966 Was invited to become a Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art by David Queensberry
1967 Became head of the Glass Department at the Royal College of Art, London
1968 Official invitatoin by the Czechosloval Government to visit Czechoslovakia
1969 Conceived and established the Glass House in Covent Garden, London
1970 Gave workshop and teaching sessions at Haystack Summer School, USA
1971 Major exhibition in London at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Gave workshop and teaching sessions at the University of California at Berkeley.
1972-73 Participated in visit to Japan. Teaching sessions at California College of Arts and Crafts. Working visit to Erwin Eisch's studio in Germany.
1974 Left the Royal College of Art to take up a position at the invitation of the South Australian Government.
1975-79 Many exhibitions and workships in Australia
1979-90 Returned to England to set up own studio in London and to take up a position as head of the glass area at the Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education, later became head of the Ceramics and Glass Department until leaving in 1990.
1983 Became an Honorary Fellow of the RCA
1993 Became a consultant to Cristalleries Val Saint Lambert in Belgium
1992  Established a studio in Spain
1993-2007 Concentrated on painting, architectural glass Commissions, sculpture and stained glass lighting pieces in studios in London and Spain.
2007 Returned to glass blowing at the studio of Aaronson

2007  Zest Gallery, London
2006  La Misericordia Cultural Centre, Palma, Spain
2001-05 Studio exhibitions in London and Spain
2000  Gallery 27, Cork Street, London
1996  The Royal College of Pathologists, London

National Gallery of Victoria, Australia
Art Gallery of South Australia
Art Gallery of Western Australia
Queensland Art Gallery, Australia
Melbourne State College, Australia
Melbourne State College, Australia
J&L Lobmeyer, Vienna, Austria
Palais Stoclet, Brussels, Belgium
Musee du Verre de Charleroi, Belgium
Royal Family of Belgium
Museum of Glass and Jewellery, Jablonec, Czechoslovakia
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England
Greater London Council, England
Derby Museum and Art Gallery, England
Leicester Museum, England
FItzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, England
Hove Museum of Art, England
Sheffield Art Gallery, England
Howarth Art Gallery, Accrington, England
Cecil Higgins Art Galler, Bedford, England
Broadfield House Glass Museum, Dudley, England
Oxfordshire County Museum, England
Nottinghamshire Museum and Art Gallery, England
Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe, Germany






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