Janusz Pozniak

I studied three dimensional design at West Surrey College Art and Design in Surrey. It was here that I was fortunate enough to meet Christopher Williams and Annette Meech who were both part time lecturers there at the time. When my studies there were finished in 1986 I started working for them at the Glasshouse in Covent Garden.
For a year I assisted the four directors making their work. I then applied for the job of assisting Ronnie Wilkinson, who also worked for them making production, commission and restoration work.
Working at the Glasshouse helped form a lot of the sensibilities in my approach to working with glass. The functional work that I make, of which some is shown in this exhibition is a direct result of my time there. The ìSquigglesticksî for example are inspired by antique chandelier arms, of which I assisted in making many at the Glasshouse for custom repair jobs.
The three years spent there were happy times and hard work, it instilled in me the reality of an artistís life and the commitment you need to not only survive but to succeed.
I left in 1990 after three years at the Glasshouse. I moved to America to pursue different glassmaking skills and an independent career.
Currently my work (aside from the production pieces) is focusing on the fragility of human emotion and importance of feeling safe in your own ìspaceî. The work is abstract but has evolved from figurative work I was doing a few years ago. The Venetian cane work I use hopes to suggest not only fragility but also structure and growth.
The challenge in my work is for me to use this inherently beautiful material and its long decorative tradition in a way that although embraces all of these wonderful qualities, can also go just a little deeper and evoke some feelings and emotion.

1986 Bachelor of Arts Degree, Glass - West Surrey College of Art & Design, Farnham, England
1982 D.A.T.E.C. Diploma, Southport College of Art, Merseyside, England

1999 New Glass Review 20 Competition, The Corning Museum of Glass (selected as one of a hundred artists doing innovative work in glass)
1992, 1994  Haystack Mountain School of Crafts Scholarship
and 1995 
1994 Artist Trust Fellowship for Design
1990, 1993 Pilchuck Glass School Scholarship

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