Jacob Van Der Beugel

The work consists of refined wheel-thrown functional tableware and larger installation pieces. Current work focuses on the tactile nature of coarse surface decoration alongside austere clay colours. This is achieved through pulverising kiln shelves, local stones and old bricks, then applying the powder to the thrown piece.
The resulting affect makes the user directly aware of the sensual nature of clay, be it smooth for the lips or rough for grip. The dark colour of the clay speaks of the earthy state in which clay is found in our natural environment, highlighting its abundance and its importance.
The work on a more profound level attempts to bridge the divide between Minimalismís objecthood and Abstract Expressionismís individualism. Like Minimalist sculpture the work heightens usersí perceptions, through its tactility. Also, subtle traces of the making process and the maker, are retained. These traces, such as grooves, left by using a metal kidney, all allude to the makerís individualism.  The stark aesthetic means the user or viewer needs to live with the piece for these intricacies to reveal themselves.

Born 1978, London

2004 Apprentice/Assistant to Edmund de Waal, London
2002 Apprentice to Rupert Spira, Shropshire
1998-2001   BA Hons for History of Art, York University

2005 Elle Decoration Future Classic Award, Chelsea Craft Fair
2004 Crafts Council Development Award
2004 Arts Council Grant for Mission to Japan

Recent exhibitions
2007 Collect, V & A, with Joanna Bird
2006 Origin, Somerset House
Sofa Chicago, with Joanna Bird
CAL, London
2005 Blackwell, Line around a circle, Edmund de Waal and apprentices 
Tablemanners, Crafts Council Gallery
Scottish Gallery, Flower Power Exhibition
2004 Gallerie Besson, Summer Exhibition





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