Chris Williams

Covent Garden was once a wonderful place with many interesting things going on. I well remember Contemporary Applied Arts, with its triangular gallery and The Glasshouse just next door.

The first person I spoke to at the Glasshouse was Pauline Solven who suggested I do a weekend course, which I did, and several hoops later I found myself glass making at the new Glasshouse premises in Long Acre.

In general it was a good experience, the group sufficiently numerous and energetic to share all the tasks and to provide a broad variety of work for the gallery/shop. As a designer I benefited from working with Ron Wilkinson and as someone interested in glass cutting, from working with Ivan Kolman a Czech cutter who was visiting England through a British Council grant. Thanks to David Taylor we always had good and well-maintained equipment both in the hot and cold workshops and we were always well stocked with materials.

The Glasshouse had an active gallery attached to the workshop that gave us direct access to a buying public and a quick and sure way of knowing whether or not an idea would be successful. I became involved in the promotional aspects of the gallery and I think we did some interesting projects with photographers, illustrators and printers to publicise our existence.

1966-67 Pre-diploma, Guildford School of Art
1967-70 Diploma (3D Design), Guildford School of Art
1970-71 Interior Designer for Allard & Co Ltd
1976-78 MA (Glass), Royal College of Art, London

UK The Glasshouse, London; "Side Show" ICA, London
Prescote Gallery, Banbury
Dan Klein's Goblet Exhibition, London
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Katherine House Gallery, Marlborough
Warwick Arts Trust, London 
Beaux Arts, Bath
Castle Museum, Norwich
Manchester City Museum and Art Gallery
Cowdy Gallery, Newent, Gloucestershire
GERMANY Essener Galerie, Essen
Jungend Gestaltelet, Munich
Kunsthandwerker Galerie, Hamburg
Galerie Glaswerk, Berlin
Galerie Ursula Rosenhauer, Gottinggen
BELGIUM Museum voor Kunstambachten Sterckshof, Antwerp. FRANCE Maison de la Tour, Valaurie
Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris
Galerie d'Amon, Paris
Galerie Capazza, Nancay & Paris
Quartz, Paris
LUXEMBOURG Galerie Silice
SWEDEN Varberg Museum, Varberg; Vaxjo Museum, Vaxjo; Blas & Knada, Stockholm
SWITZERLAND La Belle Usine, Fully
Midi Pile, Lausanne
Hergiswiler Galerie, Lucerne. USA
Westminster Gallery, Boston
Contemporary Glass Gallery, New York
Convergence Gallery, New York
HOLLAND Het Glashuis, Alkmar
Rob ven den Doel, The Hague
JAPAN Yamaha "Glass Now", Hamamatsu
Contemporary British Crafts, Miharudo Gallery, Tokyo. 
AUSTRIA Glasgalerie Klute, Vienna
Kunstformen Jetz, Salzburg; Lobmeyer, Vienna

Permanent Collections
UK Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Broadfield House Collection, West Midlands
Castle Museum, Norwich; Northwest Art Collection Crafts Council Collection, London.
FRANCE Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris
Collection Sars Potterie, Paris.
USA  Corning Glass Museum, Corning, NY.






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