Daphne Krinos

I decided to use three different ideas for the work I made for this show:

I have always liked the expression “Dripping with diamonds” and I decided to just use it literally, by making a small group of dark oxidised pieces shaped like long drops, with tiny diamonds on their tops.  They are quite subtle and they contradict what the actual expression means.  I did not want them to look vulgar, rather quite subtle when worn, and to show the quality of the tiny stones instead. Finding completely clear rock crystal drops cut in antique style also accentuates the idea of “dripping”.

The next group was made using tiny rough diamond beads, shaped into very small cubes, which looked just like sugar or grains of snow on the ground.  I managed to thread some of them onto very thin  gold wires, which I “framed” in 18 carat yellow gold. The frames mirror the designs I have been using in the past year or so, and look like they protect the very fragile looking beads.  I was  trying to show the quality of these rough stones, which is so different from  traditionally cut diamonds, but as attractive I think.

Finally I made some very white silver pieces inspired by natural forms and used tiny brilliant cut diamonds to imitate the effect of dew in plants.  This is also shown in a small group of 18 carat yellow gold rings.

All the diamonds I have used are from India and Australia.  Some come from antique pieces of jewellery.

Born Athens, Greece 1955

1976-1980 Middlesex Polytechnic BA (hons) Jewellery Design
1980-1981 Sir John Cass College Of Art Engraving (part time)

Association for Contemporary Jewellery
Society of Jewellery Historians
Contemporary Applied Arts

2005  Gold Award Goldsmiths’ Company
1982  Setting up Grant Crafts Council

Recent exhibitions
2008 Collect with Lesley Craze Gallery, V&A, London
2007 The Earring Show, Velvet Da Vinci Gallery, USA
2007 Cosmima at Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
2007 Collect with Design Nation, V&A, London
2006 The Gold Mark, The Scottish Gallery at Thomas Goode, London
2006 New Work, Red Barn Gallery, Cumbria
2006 Midsummer madness, Electrum Gallery, London
2006 Renaissance, Broughton Gallery, Scotland
2006 My Collection, CAA London
2005 Bewitched, RBSA Gallery, Birmingham
2004 500 Rings, velvet Da Vinci Gallery, USA
2003 SoFa NY, Mobilia Gallery, USA
2002 Jewellery from paintings, Mobilia Gallery, USA

Public Collections
Crafts Council
The Goldsmiths Company
The British Council
Stafford Art Gallery





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