Julian Thomas

Although I have worked within the world of craft bookbinding and conservation for almost forty years, I still find the prospect of the blank canvas of a book cover immensely exciting but also daunting because of the infinite possibilities available. My designs are arrived at after reading the book, researching the author and subject and making numerous small drawings and paintings. The frustration of only being able to make fine bindings in my spare time provides some motivation but little inspiration.

1969-1973 National Library of Wales

1991-1994 Designer Bookbinders
1988 First prize, Society of Bookbinders, Chester Conference

Recent exhibitions
2008 National Library of Wales
2007 Flow Gallery
2006 Flow Gallery
2005 Flow Gallery
Bibliotheca Wittockiana

Public collections
2004 British Library
1998 British Library
1984 National Library of Wales





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